Devil May Cry 4 releasing this autumn

In an interview with, Mark Beaumont, executive VP Capcom and newly appointed head of consumer software in Europe, revealed that Devil May Cry 4 will be released on the PlayStation 3 this "autumn".

Devil May Cry 4 will be, as Mark Beaumont said, Capcom's next triple-A title.

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Apocalypse Shadow4288d ago


first you and other fanboys got PWNED by the oblivion team with the lies about ps3 and the game.and now you're getting PWNED by capcom themselves.


you're running out of wiggle room baby up is awsome sales of ps3 in europe.and a conformation that mgs4 is ps3 exclusive.

no wiggle room boy.

BoneMagnus4287d ago

It is necessary for all three consoles to do well for ANY to survive.
No competition = complacency = crappy games = we all move on to something else and gaming companies fold.

So this is good news for all gamers - whether you own a PS3 or not. I currently do not, but I plan on it eventually.

I know you were attacking the MART, who has a tendency to be a bit over-zealous for whatever reason.

I just don't think that most fanboys realize that if they got their wish - the death of the "other" console, it would mean the end for their console also.

The ideal situation is that the new console buyer is faced with a very tough decision. Halo 3 or MGS4? DMC4 or Fable 2? Most of you know this, and fanboys will never get it, but here's hoping!

techie4287d ago

Ah somebody with a brain! Indeed - healthy competition is what this industry needs...and with two next-gen consoles on the market the quality can only get better at a faster rate than last-gen. Though I hope it means quality in gameplay and not just graphics.

The game looks really good - I never used to like DMC because of it's far off camera angles - but the way the camera is positioned behind the character in the previews I've seen makes it look much better - more like MGS and GOW (read GOD) I'm excited to see if it's going to be as good as itseems it might be.

AngryHippo4287d ago

This will be an awesome game for the PS3 and hopefully a killer app. Love the Devil May Cry series, truly awesome games. Shadowgamer i agree totally with the fact it will shut up all 360 fans saying this game will come to the 360, but don't be such a little b#tch about it. Just enjoy playing games.

Agent VX4287d ago

Not my cup of tea, but I PC game more than anything.

DMC series never did much for me, after about 30 mins of playing, some stuff over and over again, no replay value.

But I guess if your into this type of game, it's looking like a pretty decent title, graphics are pretty good, not impressive though.

Maldread4287d ago

what aspects of the gameplay they`ve changed. By the trailers it seems like the pull-in mechanic one of them. I thought DMC3 was a step in the right direction, but if they`ve the style system in this game too, i would want to be able to swap between all of them.

Hope it turns out great.

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The story is too old to be commented.