Meet PS3-tan, Wii-tan, and Xbox360-tan! Consoles, personified

The three major consoles of the moment, as depicted by fans in the tradition of OS-tan! (If you're not familiar with the term "OS-tan", just look it up in Wikipedia. ;p) Just remember to pass by each console-tan's page so that you can check out their other versions and designs which were submitted.

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Maddens Raiders4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

but le femme noir, that one's

Marriot VP4894d ago

this is complete and utterly pathetic

Their freaking cartoons

BoneMagnus4894d ago

How is this "news"? This is a link to some pathetic...thing...

wildcat4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

I'd personally do the kinky 360-tan, she looks smart and sexy.. lol

Rasputin20114894d ago

The WII tan as shown in the above pic is totally the best tan.

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