Bungie Weekly Update

Interesting update this week, with the first ever look at the new imagery designed to tease and promote Halo 3 and a quick once-over of the current multiplayer control scheme. Forum speculation meltdown, imminent.

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Primal Rex4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

Everyone make notes..............WOOT!

Marriot VP4898d ago

Wow, now I know the official date....FALL 2007

That's perfect, there's a lot of great details in this update and I'm looking forward to finding out more.

FirstknighT4898d ago

The King is back! All the haterz out there must bow down. Halo 3 will own 2007!


PS360PCROCKS4898d ago

"Although, it does contain ONE very important piece of information. Cough."

I was going to ask if maybe you guys thought the "Fall 2007" was it and you already commented on that so I guess I was right...I only have played Halo 1 and never played Halo 2 sooo I don't know that much stuff really.

OldSchoolGamer4898d ago

Very few titles make people imagine what will be. This is one. Yes, Halo 2 online was ruined by cheaters, modders, and delevelers, but Bungie addressing these while returning the greatest (not often enough immitated) matchmaking system ever PERIOD.

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The story is too old to be commented.