Sega COO Quashes Talk of Microsoft Deal in Favor of Independence

Sega Corp. dismissed speculation it may be the target of acquirers including Microsoft Corp., as the studio behind Sonic The Hedgehog stressed it intends to remain part of a bigger Japanese entertainment conglomerate.

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Jin_Sakai379d ago

Good! Who wants a Japanese gaming company under Microsoft’s roof. That would be awful.

Hypertension140378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

They lucked out because they are a part of Bethesda.
I'm curious what they think about
these acquisitions, have they said anything about it at all?

jznrpg378d ago

Lead dev just left too.

badz149378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

so why did Shinji Mikami leave?

shinoff2183378d ago

By default. It came with the zeni package

DarXyde378d ago


I think Mikami has been planning his exit for years.

We can speculate on the timing (after releasing Hi Fi Rush), but we know he's had these plans for a while.

If he starts another studio, that would be telling. Until then, better to just assume he finally made good on his word to bow out.

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Aloymetal378d ago

Sega gave them the middle finger, Good!

Gunstar75377d ago

A very polite middle finger.

darthv72378d ago

"No, not now".... i could see them making some kind of deal down the road. They had a pretty good working relationship for quite some time. They respect each other.

giovonni378d ago

Yup, the original Xbox was Dreamcast 2.0 at the time.

WheatBread378d ago

Actually, the Xbox was the Dreamcast X at the time and the Xbox 360 was the Dreamcast 2.0.

ApocalypseShadow378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Sega just came out and said "NO."

They also have a good relationship with Nintendo and Sony and PC and mobile. They are fine where they are. And more companies will be speaking out that they aren't interested in being bought by a shady and monopolistic company named Microsoft. Who will only use their games to promote a service and subscriptions. But not actually care about the developers and companies or their products.

Sega is the first of many that will state they aren't interested. Microsoft has money. But they can't buy everybody. Saying they have a great working relationship is just a way of not burning any bridges.

Hypertension140378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Sony also a good working relationship with them, many of their games were exclusive to playstation for years.

Just like you guys keep mentioning about Bethesda with some of it's franchises on Xbox, so they deserve to buy them, Right?
What exactly is this is this "deal" you're talking about? As if we didn't already know.

shinoff2183378d ago

Which is funny cause I bet every bethesada title that released for ps and Xbox it sold better on ps

shinoff2183378d ago

So did sega and Nintendo, sega and Playstation, they seem to have about the same relationship with all 3 console makers.

S2Killinit377d ago

But they have a better relationship with Sony. Does that mean Sony should buy them?

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FinalFantasyFanatic378d ago

Thank god they didn't let Microsoft buy them, then again, being a Japanese company, it's hard for western companies to acquire them anyway.