New Games with Gold for July 2023

Enjoy two completely different vibes this July with Games with Gold! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, try to survive the terrors of the night in Darkwood, and then starting on July 16, puzzle your way through a whimsical tale of love, loss, and finding yourself in When the Past was Around.

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darthv72156d ago

Oh god... where the stick when you need it?

RpgSama156d ago

This is getting absurd, it looks like MS wants to keep pushing to see with how much they can get away with, the scary thing is that most likely it's not even affecting their bottom line.

crazyCoconuts156d ago

There's some population of gamers/parents that just continue to pay. They might even not know about these crappy games being offered. And they don't know or care what they're missing on PS essentials

closed_account156d ago

These are the ones that weren't even good enough for Gamepass. O.o

FallenAngel1984156d ago

Microsoft’s efforts with Games with Gold and Game Pass are night and day

jznrpg156d ago

Games that never sold and are starting to mold are good enough for Gold

SullysCigar156d ago

Right? It makes my blood run cold, it's really getting old.

DeusFever156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

For $5 a month you can get games like Call of Duty and Alan Wake Remastered on PlayStation or you can get this garbage on Xbox. Just Sayin.’

GhostScholar156d ago

Yes PlayStation plus games of the month are better than games with gold that’s just objective fact, but game pass is still a million times better than any of the PlayStation plus tiers

Aloymetal156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

'' but game pass is still a million times better than any of the PlayStation plus tiers''
The problem there is convincing most of the gamers around the planet about that, the service is already 6 yrs old and hasn't moved the needle for xbox. It may be the best service for xbox fans but that's about it which by the way are the minority on the globe. Have you seen the record numbers of game sales every quarter??? There's a reason one is the market leader and the other is not.

Profchaos156d ago

Is it though PS plus premium has really been delivering the goods lately can't say I've used my gamepass sub all that much since high on life dropped

andy85156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

That isn't true in the slightest. I have both. PS is half the cost for twice the number of games, and much more quality ones. The only thing GP has is day one games, and let's be honest there aren't many.
Look at last month, PS added nearly 30 games and about 10 AAA games to Premium. GP added around 10 and 1 AAA game - Redfall. The quality being added each month on PS absolutely dwarfs the GP additions

starforge71156d ago

yet another piss poor month for gwg

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ChronoJoe31d ago

Inscrpytion should be higher and I think BPM deserves a mention.