Images of Virtua Fighter 5

Sega released these four images of Virtua Fighter 5, to be released next month on Playstation 3 (next week in the US). The Xbox 360 version is still many months away, so these screenshots are probably from the PS3 version.

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TheMART5702d ago

Can anybody tell me how a game with these mediocore screenshots from the PS3 can get a mark like 9.5? Is it because a Japanese mag has reviewed it and love Playstation to death?

Even DOA3 looks better then this on the original XBOX... My god. I hope the 360 version will be better looking then this. Even the environments, everything. I was expecting a whole lot more when I heard the first review mark

joemutt5702d ago

This months EGM (the one with people throwing tomatoes at the PS3) gave it some 9.5's and one guy gave it a 10.

It must be the gameplay because the graphics arent mindblowing or anything.

But we all know the PS3 got the arcade version, and the 360 gets the better version which was optimized for the 360, the online play should be killer too.

Shadow Flare5701d ago (Edited 5701d ago )

you used to just post xbox 360 news.

do you now post ps3 news just so you can guarentee getting the first comment in?

...good grief...

JIN KAZAMA5702d ago

You guys really have no life do you. Your guys are the reason, why xbox gamers have such a badname. You guys are the reason why xboxLive is known to be for white trash users, with no class whatsoever. Please, do us all a favor, and stop gaming. Just because you guys have no life outside of 360, doesnt mean you have to act like idiots. All you have to do is admit that your both losers, and cant get any girls in real life, therefore are filled with low self-esteem. Work on it guys, you have that in you, i know you do.

T-Virus5702d ago

Who are you to tell them what to do?

dragunrising5702d ago

Sometimes TheMart might be flaming a little too much and overzealous but usually he has good info in regards to the 360. I personally (strongly) dislike Sony and don't mind hearing Sony bashing. Critiquing every game negatively for the PS3 is another thing though. All said, most people are going to react favorably to the games on either system. If the 360 has better graphics, then it validates my decision to purchase one. Other than the fact I dislike Sony, they have no games which truly stand out in graphics or online game play. TheMart might be beating the drum a little too hard talking about the merits of one version over another but he is honest for the most part. Word of advice to all posters: lets bring a little more positivity to the table. Everyone has preconceived views of what looks better or not. Seeing is believing for most people.

It must be said that Virtua Figher 4 has never been known for its graphics. If the 360 version looks better, thats good. The gameplay is where the pudding is.

TheMART5702d ago

Listen Jin, you can feel bad about the PS3, but don't bash others for it. It's the truth about these pics. Go watch them and say they are great please!

Here are some reactions on the site with these screenshots. They're not mine, remember!!! Oh yeah my girl watches TV, I play games, all in the same room that's when you have multiple TV's dude... We're not all locked up in a basement on ourselves, like Sony fanboys are


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Since 26 Days 2007-02-16 22:13:20

The enviroment in the 2nd pic looks like the one in DOA 4, just worse. But w/e, I'm not into fighting games and didn't like DOA. Guess this one has better gemaplay.
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Look at the third pic. Look at how shiny he is lol. Hmmmm
bantha poodoo
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ca fait vraiment plastique je trouve, mais vivement quand même!
Fidele du site, mais nouveau forumeur.
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I'm not a fighting game kinda guy, but don't these look much worse than DOA?
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Posted by nam37
I'm not a fighting game kinda guy, but don't these look much worse than DOA?

I was thinking the same thing. These games should look real by now considering the limited amount of on-screen action. I am guessing the animation should be top notch considering the graphics arent.
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Since 425 Days 2007-02-16 23:48:39

Okay, I know that graphics don't make the game. It's become a cliche' for us, but these shots are not impressive. There is no complex open world to explore and there are only two players at the most on screen at once. So the graphics become a big factor when were talking about a fighting game. To add insult to injury, it doesn't even have online multiplayer versus. This was Sega's chance to outdo the aged Dead or Alive4, but they blew it. It still looks like the enviroments aren't interactive and confined to a box with ringouts.
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Since 283 Days 2007-02-16 23:57:37

The theme song of Virtua Fighter 5 is probaby REM's "Shiny plastic people"
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Since 282 Days 2007-02-17 00:00:17

Meh, if i want fighting games, then its:

Arcade: DOA 4

Realism: Fight Night Round 3

For me.
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Since 554 Days 2007-02-17 00:00:57

More impressive than Tekken 6. Sega must be pleased with the shots Namco released.
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Since 52 Days 2007-02-17 00:09:34

While I agree the skin shaders are a bit wonky, hard core VF fans are into the fighting system foremost above any graphical shortcomings.
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GT : BboyDubC
Since 499 Days 2007-02-17 00:51:38

The game just looks terrible in every screen shot released. In motion though, it just looks sick. This is a game that really doesn't transfer well to screens. Only screens I've seen that look decent are ones taken of someone playing the game on a tv.
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after seein Tekken 6, this looks"

MissAubrey5702d ago

Jizz Kazama a guy who thinks he's a video game character. Now thats sad.

dantesparda5702d ago

Umm. dude, um, isnt your name "haloalldayo"? or whatever? is that a video game? um, er, kettle calling the pot black? moron!

The great 15701d ago

He says he has a girl and doesn't sit in a basement, for fuk sake did anyone read that last post of his in this thread, he's basically taking quotes from articles from like a month ago, this guy is a big loser with no life and he's a virgin well that explains it, i hear the red light district is good in Amsterdamm, you should go there Marty, oh wait ur so boring i'm guessing they ask for like 4oo euroes, you could buy a PS3 with that, oh decisions, decisions haha loser.

MissAubrey5701d ago (Edited 5701d ago )

Its not the same thing R-Tard. my name is Haloalldaylo which means I play Halo all day long. now if my screen name was Master Chief then it'd be the same thing.

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Xtrm L1481L1TY5702d ago

I was playing Ninja Gaiden Black last night on my 360 upscaled to 720 and I sh*t you not that old Xbox game looks better then this. What's reeeeeaaaally goin on?

ASTAROTH5702d ago

Whats up with all the negative guys?? this game looks nextgen enough. If it was shown for the 360 every fanatic must claim it looks amazing and will looks worse on PS3. I like the way the MART said: " these screenshots are problebly from the PS3 version". Yeah the one with a 9.5 rating on EGM!! Not good enough...FANATICS...

Xtrm L1481L1TY5702d ago (Edited 5702d ago )

The one with a 9.0 average and going down fast? It's just one of those sub-par games that come and go... Nothing special! A rental for me. ;-)

FeralPhoenix5702d ago (Edited 5702d ago )

No, No, No -those pics are crap, I can personaly tell you xbox 1 had better graphics than that. I think these are some old early build pics, because some of the early reviews like EGM said the game looked great on I'm sure these are old pic's plus its from an xbox site, so I'm skeptical....hell even the site didn't sound sure if they were actually PS3 VF5 pics, for all we know they could be early pics of the upcoming 360 release. ????

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