Bethesda Executive "Confused" By Microsoft's Willingness To Keep Call Of Duty On PlayStation

Bethesda executive Pete Hines seemed frustrated by Xbox in an email sent to Todd Howard, Jamie Leder, and Todd Vaughn.

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lelo2play363d ago

Guess Microsoft wasn't going to remove Call of Duty from Playstation platforms?

Sunny12345363d ago

You would have said same about Starfield if the roles of the companies involved were reversed. Though here we are.

4Sh0w363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Easiest way is Phil should stop lying or stop trying to be nice to ps, be ruthless like Sony, end all doubt and just say everything we own & buy is exclusive to Xbox & pc.

It's only because of his weakness that people even question..and they should of crushed the FTC who keeps act as Sonys henchman with question about hurting Sony over 116 times, barely noting consumers only 11 times or so. *If their logic were true the same can be said for Sony & finally FTC will lose one way or other because clearly if by chance the entire ABK deal remains blocked Kotick is going to sell-off individual IPs to Microsoft, just watch. Sony cutting Microsoft deals to take games off Xbox didnt sit well and I think some execs, not Phil but others want to take tge kid gloves off.

Crows90363d ago


Yeah they should be ruthless like Sony at making new IP and quality exclusives...I guess you just have to settle for makeshift exclusives where you're taking them from other gamers.

4Sh0w363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Microsoft has acquired alot of great studios just since 2017, they now own franchises like Forza Horizon, Doom, Deathloop, GhostWire Tokyo, Dishonored, Wasteland, Psychonauts, State of Decay, Outerworlds, Evil Within, Woflenstein, Hellblade, HiFi Rush, Skyrim, Fallout to name a few and......Starfield incoming!

It takes time, been much slower than I like but between those studios and their existing studios things will eventually pick up momentum= more games.

That's plenty ruthless enough to get quality exclusives like Sony for me.

I dont care HOW they are making the future for the Xbox I purchased look very, very good...unless, I mean there's some rule they and Sony broke when Sony acquired Haven, Insomniac, Bungie, Housemarque, Bluepoint, etc, etc in the same time period since 2017.

Also If you go further back despite what sonyn4g folks say Sony entire history is filled with *buying studios, sure they've built/created some from the ground up as has Microsoft but both have bought their fare share to increase their portfolio, *hint join= brought, not created. Microsoft just buys bigger, no shiii they got more money but if you're worried neither is going anywhere, Sony has tons of studios and games people want to play, Activision would *hurt but any dooms day predictions are ridiculous, same crap I been hearing for both for about 25yrs.

Sephiroushin363d ago

did MS worked with those developers and created a few games funded by MS and developed in conjunction with ms before they bought those studios ? ... Thats the big difference ...

4Sh0w363d ago (Edited 363d ago )


That's not a difference, that's a convenience excuse to act like one is a Saint & one is the Devil for doing the same thing because what else can you say. Nobody outside of sonyn4g believes it. In fact to answer your question Microsoft did fund a couple games for example Playground, plus they had a great relationship with many of them with content deals & of course because of pc crossover/windows, etc.

Again does it really matter, they bought those studios to grow their portfolio to compete against Sony. lol, you can pretend all those studios Sony brought cut deals for free & love but lol, you might as well point at a theif while you pick my pocket= Literally one of Sonys best studios right now -Insomniac had just recently released a Xbox exclusive before Sony said f-dat and cut them a check=To prevent them from making anymore Xbox games AND most importantly to make exclusive games for ps. You can tell me their boring love affair all day but it was a check that made that deal. End of Story. I mean the internet is your friend, clearly Sony goes around moneyhatting games & using their influence especially in the Japanese market to secure exclusives...thats their right, its business but STOP CRYING when Microsoft does it.

Sony fans are just salty Sony wasn't able to buy the bigger studios Microsoft actually bought first and we all know it. If anything Microsoft needs to stay aggressive and buy more studios because I play games not love stories. That said I want them to be aggressive but not to the point of ruining Sony or anything just on par, Activision deal would by no means ruin Sony, just make the competion a bit closer and that's fine with me.

Seraphim362d ago

@4Show - Publisher, Developer, two very, very different things. You simply can not compare the two. It's one thing to buy a developer which consists of a single studio, it's another to buy the publisher who holds dozens of studios. MS could have easily sought partnerships with studios, built working relationships, helped launch studios, created studios, etc. They chose to do nothing for two decades, and now that they're in a position of ultimate weakness because they didn't have a strategy, they somehow deserve to consolidate the industry. gtfo. MS is in this position of utter weakness do to incompetence, or, at the very least, their lack of interest to invest in the software that drives these consoles.

The simple fact is that if MS would have actually invested into creating software the past twenty+ years they'd be in a much stronger position than they are in. They'd have a lot of us buying their console and enjoying their games alongside our PS/Nintendo/PC or whatever combination of that gamers own. For many of us, we've been there, and MS consoles simply have not provided the content to warrant purchasing their console as a complimentary console. This is really all most gamers wanted. For MS to invest and build a library of games, and IPs that compels us to buy and be satisfied with spending X$ on their console. This would also put their install base higher which becomes more attractive for developers. Instead we get the typical US company solution, we don't like competition, we can't beat them in name alone so let's go out and buy up everything we can. And before the PS buys exclusives bs. Yeah, MS did too, and they certainly have the money to continue doing so, but they opted not to. MS has literally sat around doing nothing for twenty years, and especially the past gen and a half not including current gen. Even most of their famous IPs came from outside MS owned studios.

1Victor362d ago

@seraphiroushin:” Publisher, Developer, two very, very different things.“
You’re just wasting your time he just think apple and oranges are the same because he can buy their juices in similar containers 🤷🏿 and he call orange soda orange juice

Prime157362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

@4sh0w is deluded to think a monopoly is a good thing lol

This isn't buying a studio - it's buying a top 3 competitor.

A monopoly will not help your games. Stop being foolish.

4Sh0w362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

"They chose to do nothing for two decades, and now that they're in a position of ultimate weakness"

Wth are you talking about? Nothing for 20yrs? You mean I imagined every single Xbox exclusive over the last 20yrs? Xbox has a couple bad years does not=20. Just like I remember the whole "ps has no games" when ps had a dry year or two for ps3, ps4 at times, internets your friend you can find those articles too lol, short memories are convenient though and you ps guys talk about delusional?

Yeah Microsoft is so weak but you guys are shaking in your boots over this Activision deal, sounds like Microsoft is anything but weak. In fact their in court right now because Jim Ryan's begging for mercy.

Notellin362d ago

Nobody would have been saying anything besides PS fanboys on N4G. You guys live in a fantasy world.

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RpgSama363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

At 100% the revenue on a 10 year deal that might or might not get renewed down the line and needing a live account. Not exactly good guy Phil.

RauLeCreuset363d ago

That's not what that means. Hines was upset at the inconsistent public stance and lack of communication. He was concerned Todd Howard was going to get blindsided with questions about why Xbox was saying at the time that Activision games would be multi platform but not Bethesda games.

The bigger takeaway was this:

"If what Hines states is true, The Elder Scrolls 6 will be an Xbox and PC exclusive. While not particularly surprising, this does seem to go against Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer's testimony last week, in which he stated the company had yet to decide if The Elder Scrolls 6 would be available on PlayStation."

S2Killinit363d ago

Yeah MS is playing a game and they think everyone is gullible. Like we don’t know that these guys are all in on the same scheme.

dubal-e363d ago

How dare you speak those facts. They shall drown you out with down votes for that. 😆 🤣

Obscure_Observer363d ago

"Guess Microsoft wasn't going to remove Call of Duty from Playstation platforms?"

Of course not. Even Jim Lyan knows that as we saw in his bombastic Emailgate.

Magic_Spatula363d ago

Because it has sold more on PlayStation last gen and current gen and Microsoft doesn't want to lose those customers/money.

tay8701363d ago

@4show. Lol bots trying to compare sonys purchases with xboxs. Tell me what games have sony locked xbox consumers out of with the purchases of haven, bungie, bluepoint and housemarque, and firewalk? Housemarque and bluepoint made games exclusively for playstation before being aquired. Haven and firewalk have never even made a game. Bungie is still making all their games on xbox. Care to compare that with the scummy tactics from MS, all the while trying to play the "good guy" role. Lmao you csnt make this crap up. There will be a lot of crying when Sony finally does make their moves and lock bots out of games.

lelo2play362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

* Facepalm *

1Victor362d ago

@lelo:”Guess Microsoft wasn't going to remove Call of Duty from Playstation platforms?”
Sure and I’m the flash with a amazing deal for you I got a bridge for a low price to sale you between Manhattan and Brooklyn that will make you a billion in a decade with the toll charges.

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Fist4achin363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

It would be too many sales to pass up. MS is a business that likes to make money. You can buy MS software on apple products.

crazyCoconuts363d ago

MS software on Mac only went there after customers started going away from. Office because alternatives were cropping up. It was a defensive move because they were losing their grip on OS and Office and didn't want to lose both.

VenomUK363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

I interpreted it to mean that Pete Hines was frustrated that Bethesda games will no longer be on PlayStation whilst Call of Duty and Activision games would be. The Xbox blog post said that taking Activision games would be “undermining opportunities for Sony PlayStation users.”

After Bethesda was told to make its titles exclusive Pete Hines asked “why is the below is ok for COD or any Activision Blizzard games, but not TES6 or Starfield?” Meaning taking Starfield and TESVI from PlayStation users would also be undermining opportunities to them. When Pete Hines indirectly told the PlayStation community that he was sorry Starfield wouldn’t be coming to them I believe he was being 100% genuine.

IGN: Bethesda Apologises for Starfield Xbox Exclusivity: Can Be 'Frustrating' For PlayStation Owners

shinoff2183363d ago

Damn venom good point and here I trashed him. Maybe Pete was being genuine

Omnisonne363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

There are more ways to make money though.
Or rather, starving the other party from making money = more opportunity for you down the line.

Flawlessmic363d ago

Wonder how Phil will take that email seeing as there basically shots at him.

Hines does have a point even though at the end of the day Ms own them and it's there perogative to tell them what to do.

S2Killinit363d ago

This is just for public consumption. They are playing theater.