20 New Screenshots of New Lost Planet Maps

Capcom released 20 new screenshots of new Lost Planet maps.

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JIN KAZAMA4895d ago

But the game sucks. Lost Planet, should get Lost.

joemutt4895d ago

Thats what you all say isnt it?

Next time you complain about 360 fans posting in PS3 news, remember that you are doing it too.

Dont be jealous of a game that you cant play on your PS3, I play it in 1080i and its a blast, I saw it in 1080p, and that looks great too. With great graphics and great gameplay (including multiplayer) Its an easy "buy" for me, and over a million more people too!

THWIP4894d ago a Sony fanatic, he wouldn't know quality if it kicked him in his pea-sized balls.

Lost Planet is one of the most amazing looking/playing games on LIVE....not even Gears is as impressive, if you consider the size of the maps, and how much more can be going on at one time.

techie4894d ago

No need to treat sony fanboys as a species...that's slightly retarded. Jin lets the side down with comments like that.

gogators4895d ago

I have got to have around 300 online matches by now. Absolutely love post-grab matches. I very glad that there are some added levels coming to this game. This game has a solid learning curve, but has been very well done. It would be nice to state a reason why the game sucks. If you haven't played it for more than 10 hours, then you really aren't in a position to comment about wether it sucks or not.

Havince4894d ago

i enjoy the game most of the time, however im going 2 enjoy it a haell of a lot more when the patch is out

AudioRage4894d ago

played the multiplayer demo, and this became a must game for me. its brilliant

nicodemus4894d ago

This game is just plain, old-school, extremely fun, brilliance. I agree with THWIP - the multiplayer rocks harder than Gears of War. The explosions are absolutely unreal. And from the screens and the video that was on here a few days ago, these maps definetely look like a purchase.

And Jin - try actually playing the game (or maybe even getting a 360) before posting your opinions on here. Stupid, irrelevant comments like that should definetely lose you another bubble.

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