Sony’s PlayStation chief privately said Microsoft’s Activision deal wasn’t about Xbox exclusives

A surprise revelation just minutes into the FTC v. Microsoft hearing.

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-Foxtrot160d ago

Why not just lead with this though, knowing MS has a bigger plan and coming out to talk about two publisher acquisitions along with all the new IPs they've now acquired would have been better than just focusing on COD.

Call of Duty could still be part of that argument but it holds up even better if they'd mention everything like buying up a big part of the gaming industry. I mean he even says "they have the cash to make moves like this" so part of the argument could be "After Activision what's next?"

4Sh0w159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

“It’s not an Xbox exclusivity play at all,” Ryan wrote in the email, “they’re thinking bigger than that, and they have the cash to make moves like this. I’ve spent a fair bit of time with both Phil [Spencer, boss of Xbox] and Bobby [Kotick, boss of Activision Blizzard] over the past day. I’m pretty sure we will continue to see COD on PS for many years to come." -Jim Ryan Jan 20, 2022

"In March, Activision Blizzard EVP Corporate Affairs and CCO Lulu Cheng Meservey took to Twitter to claim Ryan had commented on Sony’s true motivation in a behind-closed-doors meeting in Brussels. “In his words: ‘I don’t want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to block your merger.’ “ -Lulu Meservey March 2023

-Now I remain consistent its just business, Ryan is fighting dirty behind closed doors BECAUSE his only obligation is to ps and being a thorn in Microsoft side like it or not is in ps only gamers best interest -I mean unless you think Microsoft promising to keep CoD on ps for 10 yrs is just because Phil loves gamers, No its to help get the deal done and yes of course because its a huge deal so they want their RoI but make no mistake Phil could keep it on ps *without promising for how long, so yeah Ryan already got something out of fighting it behind closed doors= Now just don't insult my intelligence trying to make sony into some sort of Saints everytime Microsoft makes a deal. They're all just alike.

Crows90159d ago

You call defending PlayStation gamers fighting dirty? So what is Microsoft doing?

4Sh0w159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

-Uhm only dirty in the sense that he isn't being transparent and truthful about why? Considering behind closed doors he knows CoD will stay on ps but publicly he cried as if Microsoft was taking it off ps tomorrow and sony would be soooo hurt without CoD. That was what was submitted to regulators to ensure the deal would be blocked. "Sony claims it ‘can’t survive’ without Call of Duty on PlayStation" https://www.ggrecon.com/art... Yet he knew it wasn't true, is that not "dirty" in your mind.

Frankly I get it, I mean even if we don't like the way these execs manipulate those who dont know any better, including the FTC which seems really clueless about exclusive deals, but I digress, the point is the HUGE double standard when as you say Microsoft is "defending" Xbox gamers....ya know the only ones they are obligated to, just like Sony.

derek159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Sounds like someone who at one the time was assured from the parties that exclusivity wasn't on the table. But things changed over the course of the year.

derek159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

@4show, Jim Ryan isn't in any position now to garuntee that. It's clear that Microsoft plans to take it off of playstation down the road.

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Pickledpepper158d ago

You all make me laugh.
Arguing over who or what console/company is better.
This seriously reminds me of religious groups fighting.

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Prime157158d ago

"Now just don't insult my intelligence trying to make sony into some sort of Saints everytime Microsoft makes a deal. They're all just alike."

I think the one thing a lot of you tend to forget before commenting is that this is why competition is important.

MS already acquired a huge publisher with Bethesda. Now they're spending 5 times more to get one of the biggest.

Stop defending the dirtiest of capitalistic tricks, a MONOPOLY, in the works.

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Lightning77159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Ryan went on to say, “We have some good stuff cooking,” referring to Sony’s Bungie acquisition which Sony announced just days after the email exchange. “I’m not complacent, and I’d rather this hadn’t happened, but we’ll be OK, we’ll be more than OK.”

I know ppl want to make fun of Jim but he's just doing his job at PS. He's not gonna just flat out tell the regulators yeah it's OK Xbox buys ABK. No he's gonna fight against the deal even if he's made hyperbolic statements.

It's also interesting that he knew this whole time MS wasn't gonna make it exclusive also.

It looks like he believes in Bungie in particular. Maybe Marathon will be able to compete with cod? He seems to speak highly of them more than the other live service studios. Then again their other studios aren't proven.

TFJWM159d ago

I find it strange that this article leaves out when the email was sent. It was January 20, 2022 - two days after Microsoft announced its intent to purchase Activision Blizzard. This could strengthen Sony's case since they were fine at the start than saw what MS had been doing with their other recent purchases.

4Sh0w159d ago

What? No....that sounds backwards to me? He literally said on Jan 20, 2022 he knew CoD would stay on ps because he's talked alot with Phil & Kotick. Then we find out over a year later behind their backs he's been complaining not because he doesn't believe CoD won't stay on ps but because "I just want to block your merger."
-In other words he just wants to stop Microsoft from making a huge acquisition.

343_Guilty_Spark159d ago

Posted this same story from IGN and was told it was a duplicate. Go figure.

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Christopher159d ago

This was posted 20h ago, btw. Well before the IGN one. Go figure?

sinspirit159d ago

It clearly must not have a logical reason like this and must be a fanboy pulling the strings in the background.

InUrFoxHole158d ago

Lol. Time stamps don't lie

Christopher158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

***Lol. Time stamps don't lie ***

Actually they do if you don't know that they reset when going from pending to approved.

Check created versus approved time https://imgur.com/a/VqHmVyD

sinspirit159d ago

"Posted this **same** story from IGN and was told it was a **duplicate**. Go figure. "

.. You just explained an actual reason why it wouldn't pass and still complain. You're literally creating your own problem and still blaming it on others.

343_Guilty_Spark158d ago

Submission process didn’t show this article otherwise I wouldn’t have submitted it.

If it’s a duplicate fine. We had like 10 duplicate articles on Redfall, Starfield, and Microsoft did XYZ.

They pick and choose what to approve.

FortWaba159d ago

Maybe Josh Wilding from CBM. Com works around here as well?

rlow1159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I know how you feel

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specialguest158d ago

Don't waste your time submitting stories/articles. You're basically doing the job for them for free. That's how the site works

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PhillyDonJawn159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Say whaaat!?!? What a revelation.
Hold up.... 😕 I just fully read the article after typing that sentence....yo WTF is Jim Ryan doing?! He basically gave up the fight. Yo Phil definitely paid Jim off. Aint no MF way Jim just goes "ya it's no biggie we'll be alright, Phil's cool this has nothing to do with exclusives" like wth!!! I'm shocked and confused asf. 😕.... if he's in fact against the merge still then he put up a shiddy argument

Flakegriffin158d ago

Yeah, you can tell he fights on Twitter.

PhillyDonJawn157d ago

I only use Twitter to look at chicks lol

Crows90159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Maybe because the ftc is focusing on cloud that there's no reason for him to go the exclusivity angle at all anymore.

PhillyDonJawn159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

But then MS can be like we'll make all Abk games multi cloud plat. But exclusive on console. Boom approved

VincentVanBro158d ago

Who tf even communicates this way. my immediate assumption is that you are retarded or a child

PhillyDonJawn157d ago

You mad bro? Lol