Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game is an Xbox console exclusive

Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming Indiana Jones game is exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC, head of publishing Pete Hines said during the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard Federal Trade Commission hearing on Thursday. The game is also expected to be available at release on Xbox Game Pass.

Sonic1881365d ago

It's like the FTC is trying to expose Microsoft but most gamers already knew this was going to happen after paying $70 Billion dollars

sparky77365d ago

Bethesda was just $7bl I believe.

Sonic1881365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

My bad you're correct but still Microsoft intentions was always going to make Bethesda popular AAA games exclusive since that's what they paid for

VenomUK365d ago

PLOT TWIST - What if... it's based on [Redacted spoiler] Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny?

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jonny897365d ago

Xbox says Bethesda deal ‘was not done to take games away' from other platforms


Obscure_Observer365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

MS is right!

No reason to develop Xbox exclusives to Playstation without getting nothing in return.

Indiana Jones been exclusive is nothing but expected.

Abracadabra365d ago

Don't worry. Bethesda games are timed exclusive... In a year or two the PS5 will get those games.

Zeref365d ago

They never took any games from Playstation. Bethesda games are still on Playstation. They didn't take anything away.

LordoftheCritics365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

''Xbox lies Bethesda deal ‘was not done to take games away' from other platforms''


crazyCoconuts365d ago

Snakes...why'd they have to be snakes

shinoff2183365d ago

Obscure but they did take games away from ps that were in development for ps , after they said they would release games being developed for ps . Redfall and starfield, probably hi fi to

Also they are taking games away from others after saying numerous times that wouldn't be the case.

I've also always though Indiana Jones was xbox exclusive who knew🤷

mkis007365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


Nothing in return? Do you not know how unit sales work? Did xbox make you forget? Heck AAA games sell more on playstation, so they would more than double their profit...Not making a statement on exclusives here, just saying xbox would earn more profit not less by releasing some games on playstation.

...same goes for playstation, except their business model, unlike xbox, relies on console sales so it would hurt playstation more long term.

sinspirit365d ago


So, what are you actually saying then? Are you trying to say that if MS released Indiana Jones on the most profitable console that they would not have got anything in return?

wiz7191364d ago

Same breath Sony was trying to make back handed ass exclusives deals , they tried with Starfield and failed ..

Obscure_Observer364d ago


Unlike Redfall, MS had never canceled a Starfield port to PS5 because it was never in development, Todd Howard himself confirmed it.


"Not making a statement on exclusives here, just saying xbox would earn more profit not less by releasing some games on playstation."

I agree. But it would also make the platform look week. I mean, why would a buy an Xbox if all of those AAA Xbox first party games will be available on PS5, when PS5´s AAA first party games will remain exclusive to Playstation?

Sounds fair to you? I remember the day MS announced the acquisition of Bethesda back in 2020, fanboys were mocking Xbox because they were under the illusion that Xbox would turn itself into a third party developer for Playstation to make up for all that money invested on Bethesda acquisition.

Given repercussions Phil hinted at the time, that Xbox don´t need to release its first party games on Playstation to be successful. People still laughed, and here we are. Those same people aren´t laughing now.


"Are you trying to say that if MS released Indiana Jones on the most profitable console that they would not have got anything in return?"

What I´m saying is that since Sony will not release Spider Man (a licensed IP produced by a Sony first party studio) on Xbox, MS shouldn´t release Indiana Jones (a licensed IP produced by an Xbox first party studio) on Playstation. Period!

Don´t ask for something that you aren´t willing to give in return!

GamerDude82364d ago

Everybody knew Xbox was gonna have some exclusives out of the deal. This is normal business. People are crying that Xbox has exclusives now. Who cares. People whining about Xbox lying though is grade school crap. Game companies lie all the time.

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Abracadabra365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Disney made exclusive contracts with Sony (Spiderman and Wolverine games), now people are baffled they made exclusive contracts with Microsoft?

Seriously, how hypocrite can people be...

Redemption-64365d ago

I think the issue is this message from Microsoft claiming they are not taking games away and then you find out, a game that was planned as a multi-platform game is now an exclusive because of Microsoft. We all know Microsoft could have had Spider-Man as an exclusive, but they rejected Disney, so it's not out of the box to think Disney would allow MS to have an exclusive when they finally realize the fucked up. Just stop pretending you are not taking games away from a platform that the game was also supposed to release on. If anything just stay quiet

Becuzisaid365d ago

No one is baffled. The difference is MS clearly lied when saying they aren't taking away games from Sony.

mocaak365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

This is not about licensing, it's an example of a game made exclusive, developed by a recently acquired 3rd party publisher, as precedent to what we can expect from Activision buyout.

Usual spread of misinformation and nonsense from worshipers of Lord Phil.

Abracadabra365d ago


Here's a little secret, and, I hope it helps you guys in the future... EVERYBODY LIES.

Profchaos365d ago

Funny thing about that is they weren't too Microsoft before Sony about making an exclusive Marvel game

InUrFoxHole365d ago

People are crying because they think MS meant all games... get real

shinoff2183365d ago

Wasn't the offer to ms first and ms passed. Is that not true?

sinspirit365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Like Redemption said.. The issue is when people come out to try and "clear the air" with the average person like they are trying to get along with people and understand one another. But they are actually trying to make themselves look good and just make up information to act like they haven't done anything that could wrong anyone. MS said they did not remove any games that were being developed for PlayStation and they clearly ended up doing that. Nevermind the fact that any future games obviously would have been developed for the most profitable platform.. They have actually been caught removing games actually in a development phase with PlayStation in mind. So they deliberately lied. The issue has never been third party exclusives or acquisitions alone. Huge acquisitions are of course one thing.. But the biggest issue is blatantly lying to damage gaming and yet we have trolls pathetically glossing over this issue and still not banned for spreading intentional misinformation, which is called disinformation.


Yes. The Marvel licensing for a higher budget and well made AAA game was originally posed to Microsoft in the first place. Marvel sought who had deeper pockets and MS turned them down. Sony literally said Insomniac is the ones to go to and that Insomniac has full choice in what Marvel IP to make a game about and that is how the entire Spiderman exclusive thing worked out. Because Insomniac is so damn good.. Marvel wanted them to do another IP and Insomniac chose Wolverine. It had nothing to do with forcing an exclusive Marvel partnership at all. It was a very organic interaction and many others turned it down first. It's funny how talented Sony is at identifying developer strengths and yet they still are not the first to be offered a lot of these contracts because money talks. MS has the money and they simply can't make it work towards a greater goal effectively. They've had opportunity time and again whether it's their own properties or potential new ones and it has always came down to their own mismanagement.

blacktiger365d ago

It's not exclusive. Marvel was going bankrupt and Sony bought Spiderman full license to own it until they stop making it it. Huge difference.

Lightning77365d ago

"a game that was planned as a multi-platform game is now an exclusive because of Microsoft."

In rarely comment on this because Idc about the ABK gibberish.

But the game was never announce for PS. Also for the millionth time they said New exclusive games will launch on platforms where gamepass exist. Hi Fi, Redfall, now Starfield were never announced on PS and Gamepass doesn't exist on PS We're goin on 2 years now ppl where they stated this. Let's get our facts straight.

And I'm out.