GI Magazine getting exclusive material from Uncharted : Drake's Fortune

Next issue of Game Informer magazine will cover some new and exclusive infos and screenshots from Naughty Dog's next PS3 game (known for long as ND's P3 project, or Pitfall like game)

They couldn't resist to drop some stuff on their website though. Two artworks and a 3D screenshot of an early build of the game (quicktime needed)

Artworks added below, follow the link to download the 3D screen

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Siesser4898d ago

This is definitely one of the titles I'm looking forward to playing. The 3-D screenshot was kind of cool; the game seems to be coming along great, as far as the ground textures and water effects and stuff. I'm most curious about whether the actual gameplay will keep the fluidity and natural-look to the motion shown in the E3 trailer.

bigmack4898d ago

I just hope its good enough for me to think about getting it. <--- if that makes sence :)

BoneMagnus4897d ago

it being an unknown quantity. Both look/sound promising, but there hasn't been anything major come out. They are in that obscure stage where a cancelation can not to get too excited until we get something more concrete. Remember StarCraft: Ghost?

Raist4897d ago

Problem is that ND isn't blizzard.

AFAIK the guys from Naughty are only working on this project. Blizzard had WoW at the same time. Seems like they concentrated their efforts on their MMO and dropped the starcraft spin off

techie4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

I'm psyched about this game. It looks great. The fluid movement is what I think they concentrated on so I ope that stays - also the trailer was in-game footage so it has to be in there. The game play looks exciting and the visuals look envigurating. Bring it on! When's it out?