90% of the 1000+ planets in Starfield will have no life, according to Todd Howard

Speaking on the Kinda Funny Xcast, Todd Howard outlined that only 10% of Starfield planets will have life.

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Aloymetal342d ago

I saw a post here like 2 hrs ago saying that no other game can't touch the immense scale Starfield has. There goes that scale...

Old McGroin342d ago

100 planets is...small now?

Sephiroushin342d ago

@old mcgroin
it's not small but no man sky has a few quintillion planets which starfield is basically a clone of it, with some things that up to now look better and others are a worst implementation..

S2Killinit342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

“100 planets is…small now?”

Yes it is, compared to the previously touted 1000. That’s 900 planets not worth venturing to! (Presumably). That is a lot of empty.

Obscure_Observer342d ago

"I saw a post here like 2 hrs ago saying that no other game can't touch the immense scale Starfield has. There goes that scale.."

Lol. There´s nothing in gaming close to Starfield!

You can scream and shout all you want but that´s nothing but a fact.

I don´t think anyone was expecting to find and explore 1000+ planets filled with life. This game will get an insanely amount of content over time and I believe you won´t even be able to reach the vast majority of those planets in the first year of content without relying on some kind of unknown/alien technology.

This game is gonna be alive for at least ten years so there´ll be plenty of time to fill it with amazing and unexpected content.

Crows90342d ago


So yeah what he said is that 90% have no life...he didn't say anything about the remaining 100...will they have much? Nobody knows. Don't pretend that what he didn't say makes those 100 actually meaningful.

This is a Bethesda game. Expect a Bethesda game.

THEzRude342d ago

Except No Man Sky and Star Citizen.

PhillyDonJawn342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

What game has 1000 exploration planets with 100 being fleshed out at the quality level of starfield? And omg will you ppl stop comparing that small budget indie title with randomly generated planets with low level detail and nothing significant to do? The only thing Nms have in common is space/planet exploration that's where it stop.

Hofstaderman342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

And this from the dude who was outright lying about the fidelity of Fallout 76. So if he’s saying this one can only imagine what people are in store for…

mkis007342d ago

What is the point of that many planets if you have to walk everywhere on them. With this information I just don't know. You cant manually land either...guessing that is a streaming issue that could have been an ssd show off.

Christopher341d ago

***The only thing Nms have in common is space/planet exploration that's where it stop.***

Someone hasn't paid attention to the NMS updates since release I see.


If you honestly think Starfield is doing more than this game solely because it has more handcrafted quests and curated planets but completely ignore what NMS does that Starfield isn't even considering (MP, crossplay, extensive base-building and settlements, companions, breeding, etc.). then you are just downplaying one game to prop up a game that isn't even proven itself with a release.

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crazyCoconuts342d ago

Somewhere right now Sean Murray is laughing

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frostypants342d ago

It wouldn't be realistic to have more life than that, though. Hell even 10% is too much IMO. Though the total planet count should also be higher.

4Sh0w342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Yeah Im wondering how is 100 planets WITH LIFE small? -That's a humongous game and the 900 without life will be for artifact discovery, resources & some for investigating abandon outposts, wrecks, side quests, etc. Its literally as far as scale goes bigger BY FAR than any ps5 exclusive.

Actually in the Direct if you paid attention he already said most of the 1000 planets were "barren". Maybe some dont know what that word means, lol. Please tell me what game has more than 100 planets with unique life, cities, & npcs on them?

Lightning77342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

"Please tell me what game has more than 100 planets with unique life, cities, & npcs on them?"

Funny because there's only 8 planets in our solar system. 8 quintillion planets is a none exist amount of planets hell theres not even that many stars in the galaxy. In other words all those planets aren't unique, dynamic or have hand crafted quests deeply simulated just doing basic procedurely randomized things over and over when compared to Starfield scope with 100 unique planets and civilizations. Even the 900 planets are literally still worth exploring as stated for various reasons as you stated.

No dissing just facts. Yet ppl argue with facts and come up short every time all they have to do is watch DF they'll tell you about Star Citizen and NMS.

Knushwood Butt342d ago

Why would there be artifacts if there's no life on the planet?

4Sh0w342d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Well they could have been hidden there long ago, they could have shipwrecked there, the artifact could be something that is naturally part of the planet itself or even a relic from a now extinct life form that use to inhabit any particular planet= no life on the planet does *not mean there was *never life on the planet before.


Yeah I know, it's funny how some just pretend that a few higher raw numbers actually decide the breath of a game vs another. It's like saying X game is bigger & better than game Z because X game boasts more granules of sand on the beach than game Z. I know they have to be smarter than that? Other than Star Citizen which is pc only & long from ever being done, Starfield is in a league of its own as far as pushing the scale of what's possible on a console, lots of other great games but it's exciting every once in awhile to see one so ambitious, the hate only comes bc its not on ps5, thats why I get disagrees but no logical counter, which I take as a compliment.

Reaper22_341d ago

Reminds me of that Infamous game...lol

DarXyde341d ago

To me, 1,000+ planets with life is like a level cap in a SoulsBorne game: it's there... But realistically, why would you even think about it? In a weird way, we have 9 planets in our solar system, one with life, so... Statistically, it's reasonably accurate.

I should add, the criticisms do make sense. Todd Howard didn't lie it seems, but he definitely oversold the vision.

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darthv72342d ago

Does he mean life in general or naturally occurring? Because i can see how many of those planets may not contain life by default but there would be life as it relates to settled colonies of other explorers / pirates.

VenomUK342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

They may function like the radiant quests in Skyrim which can lead you to a cave with, for example, a vampire coven.

Lightning77342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Radiant Quest in past Bethesda games is what keeps the players engaged and constantly exploring the world, area biomes. I remember playing a quest in Skyrim that lead me in a cave then that cave led me down a underground world with even more quests down there. I suspect that's exactly what they're doing here. Continue to lead you down rabbit holes of areas and constant exploration.

zeuanimals342d ago

Preston Garvey's quests in Fallout 4 were also radiant quests, and everyone hated them. It's the source of many memes. Since Morrowind their quests and writing have just gone downhill, but atleast Oblivion had some fun side quests. I doubt they've improved on that, especially when they've gotta spread their resources across a galaxy.

HyperMoused342d ago

Wouldnt a vampire, mean...in a weird way...life