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Jaoquin - The perfect combination of narrative, visuals, composition, rhythm, tension, and combat came to tell us the rawest story the saga has seen in its 35-year history and it will be positioned without a doubt as one of the best games this year, as well as one of the best Final Fantasy games to date.

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SullysCigar367d ago

I've not been around to see these review rolling in. Just checked: 94/100 from 45 reviews! Bonkers! this game is clearing up. I'm pleased to see it's every bit as good as the demo indicated.

BriBri366d ago

Making me think I misjudged the demo

S2Killinit367d ago

Good review. I wish more reviewers took a note from the use of bolded text to highlight important parts of an article as this one does.

CrimsonWing69367d ago

So far I’m loving it. I read the 6/10 reviews just to see if I can experience the cons of what they critiqued, but I’m doing the Ifrit and Garuda fight and I’m just sitting there thinking how in the hell you could give this game a 6/10?

It’s GotY nominee worthy to me at this point.

Flawlessmic367d ago

Honestly crimson I'm like 15 hrs in atleast and where you are, that is only the tip of the ice berg where your at.

Even where I am at, I still have a long way to go and it's just continually gets better and better.

It's absolutely ridiculous this game is, there is not enough superlatives I can't throw at it.

I will leave it at, currently its my game of this generation and honestly one of my favourite of all time.

Anyone that scored this game low doesn't know games, does like games and should go look for a new career.

Ff16 is peak video games!!!

__SteakDeck__367d ago

@Flawlessmic That’s great to hear. Some people are mad because this game isn’t as strong with the RPG mechanics like the old FF titles.

Flawlessmic367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


Well those peoples reviews arent worth listening to, the game should be judged for what is was hoping to achieve and what it did achieve and the game that is there, not what people have as ff in there head and cause it's not what they want it's bad.

On the diversity, there is a heavy theme in this game that is constant and now i can totally see why a Japanese developer probably didn't want to go down that road. I don't want to say more than that as I don't want to provide even small spoilers.

All I will say is forget reviews, if you have a ps5 go buy the game, and be the judge yourself.

Elda367d ago

I agree. I'm only 6 hrs in & FFXVI is my GOTY including RPG of this gen. The game is just amazing!

Hofstaderman366d ago

I’m 8 hours in. All I can say is damn, I’m completely blown away. And I’m told that past this point hardly anything was shown in trailers

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__SteakDeck__367d ago

@CrimsonWing69 Because people are mad that it’s not as strong on the rpg front, even though the devs said from the beginning that it would be mostly action. Also their was the diversity issue. Did you see what Skillup said about the game? He just uploaded his review, he hated it.

LordoftheCritics367d ago

Shill up is a turn based shill.

He expected FF7 of the old + FF7 of the new.

potatoseal367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I usually agree with ShillUp, not this time though. It wasn't for him, but it was for the vast majority of people playing the game. The metacritic and open critic speaks to that. He is an outlier. Vast majority love it and so do the majority of Final Fantasy fans. Yes it's a bit different, but so what. We also got FF7 Rebirth coming early next year.

repsahj366d ago

I became a fan of final fantasy not because of its turn-based gameplay but because of the great story all through out. And so far I experienced it again in FF16. I am at 24% percent of the story and until now my excitement is still there, wanting to know more the next chapter of the story. Truly a RPG masterpiece. So far my goty contender.

MrNinosan366d ago

The 24% progress you see is not through the game, but that specific chapter.
There is no way for you to see how many percent into the game you are, which is good.
I wouldn't wanna know how far a long I am.

tagzskie366d ago

spoiler alert. im also in that part of the game when they show the bahamut vs odin and damn! this game is masterpiece. You guys should stay away with that kind of review, i know its just an opinion but if the reviewer does not align with your taste in game you will not be able to experience a must have game. I just notice that when starfield trailer release theres so many articles about it, but when this game released i see few or most of them negative articles about this game here.

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NotoriousWhiz367d ago

Great so far. I look forward to making my way through it, but they should have called this something other than Final Fantasy as it definitely doesn't feel like a final fantasy game. Feels more like a really solid spin off than a main entry.

Flawlessmic367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Outside of this not being turn based/party, How else does this not feel like ff?

Crystals,aikons, moogles, chocobos, classic ff music.

Feels just like ff to me

Ff16 is what botw was to zelda and what God of war 2018 was to God of war.

LordoftheCritics367d ago


Final Fantasy is in the electricity of this game.

NotoriousWhiz366d ago

The combat, the limited item management, the limited spells. Yes the environment is all clearly final fantasy but not the gameplay. Great game, but very different from other final fantasy games.

MrChow666366d ago

No playable party, hack and slash gameplay focused on performing combos, barebones equipment, no magic system or casting whatsoever, elements are tied to eikon abilities I guess...and the game loves to take control from you every 5 seconds, add to that Quick time events to...attack and dodge, mash square button...I guess qte's are cool and very rpg now

MrNinosan366d ago

It feels just like any Final Fantasy, even more so due to the focus on the Eikons and Crystals, which is one of the biggest parts of Final Fantasy.

Also the music screams Final Fantasy, and so the quality and storytelling.

NotoriousWhiz366d ago

While I know this is obvious, but the story has strong GOT vibes. Not a bad thing. I enjoyed GOT. And I enjoy this game and it's story. Just pointing out that this isn't what I would expect from a final fantasy game going into it.

DarXyde367d ago

I am thoroughly enjoying this game. Square really doing God's work. I'm not ready to read comments and talk about it and I play in bits... But I really like this game.