SKATE 2 Interview: Pro Skater, Darren Navarrette

Nick Huggett is on location at the SKATE 2 release party and has a fun
interview with pro skater, Darren Navarrette.

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Gue13572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Now Skate is the new franchise of EA that are going to start milking releasing sequels every year? Skate 2 looks exactly the same as the first...

SnuggleBandit3572d ago

Well skate was one of the most innovative games in the last couple of years regarding the controls but lets get real...its not the most graphically appealing game. Its a really fun game but, with all the exclusives coming out for the Ps3 this year I will be forced to wait until this one drops in price ot get it.

Alcohog3572d ago

Personally, I can't wait.

Szarky3572d ago

Day 1 buy for me.

The first Skate was brilliant. A few flaws but truly innovative.