Persona 3 Reload Trailer Lists Switch Version

Keeping with the trend of early reveals, it seems an unlisted Persona 3 Reload trailer confirmed the title is coming to Nintendo Switch. - IS

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Sgt_Slaughter163d ago

Good, as it should. Would have been a bad idea not to.

jznrpg163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Not bad a idea if you want better graphics physics, AI , fps etc. Switch is outdated tech. Has some good games but it’s time for an upgrade already. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an error. They could make a lesser version for Switch too. This isn’t confirmation

Kneetos163d ago

It's a remake of a psp game, and what they showed doesn't look like anything that couldn't run on a switch decently

VersusDMC163d ago

It says it in the youtube trailer description but not in the trailer itself. The trailer now has all the tags(added PS and steam) except switch.

Most likely a copy and paste mistake(used the tactica platform info) from the people running the you tube page.

luckytrouble163d ago

Yeah, it currently speaks more to a likely error. Not that I think Switch is off the table entirely, but it really depends on if Nintendo announces a new Direct soon like we saw with the Persona ports last go around.

VersusDMC163d ago

That is possible but it is weird that Nintendo gave the go ahead on only confirming P5Tactica on Switch but saving P3R and Metaphor for the direct.


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Vits4d ago

The issue with remaking Persona and Persona 2 is that they aren't what people now consider to be a persona game. So Atlus would need to either re-structure them from the ground up to better match what the series is now, which would definitely piss off the old guard. Or they would need to remake it into something that is still not what people now consider to be a Persona Title, which would at the very least confuse the public.

So I would prefer it if they did both. Remaster the original titles with a new coat of paint and some QOL, then remake them into entirely new things with a full-blown Remake.

gold_drake4d ago

i disagree woth the "not consider it a persona game"

but i agree on the need to make it more like 3-5.

the issue is that 2 wasnt exactly popular. so newer fans either cant play it anymore or just dont care.

and i guess atlus just doesnt rly care either way.

also, 2 would probably need to get censored alot ha.

FinalFantasyFanatic3d ago

It's a bit of a rock and a hard place, personally I would just accept a remaster/port, but doing a remake would be very risky for them for those particular games, I don't believe they will want to make the decision that a remake would force them into.

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Persona 1 & 2 remake would be amazing that and p5 ultimax with all persona characters.

DrDoomer4d ago

I'm just stoked that P3R is happening. Lets gooo!!

VersusDMC4d ago

If they planned to remake P2 they would have released the P1 and P2 PSP remasters on current consoles like they did with P3 and P4.

If they make another remake it will be 4.


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