Warframe: The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Coming Soon

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, the next major update for Warframe has been given a release date for next week, here is everything you need to know!

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New Warframe "Qorvex" Revealed as 55th Character; Gauss Prime Access Coming This January

Meet the 55th Warframe Qorvex, a concrete themed Warframe that packs powerful crowd control abilities imbued with deadly radiation.


Warframe Campaign Is Becoming More Accessible With the Removal of Mastery Rank Requirements

Digital Extremes is making it easier for players to get into the Warframe Campaign, as they'll be removing the Mastery Rank requirements.

anast3d ago

The vaulting of frames is what turned me away from this game.

Yppupdam3d ago

mastery rank requirements suck, putting a wall up with a 3 strike system stopped me from playing. It becomes more a chore and less a game.


Warframe Cross-Save Arrives Next Month With Whispers in the Walls Update

Warframe cross-save progression is rolling out this December to select few, with it being available for everyone by the end of the month.