Shadows of the Damned Remaster Coming to "All Current Platforms" as Suda51 Teases His Next Game

Today Grasshopper Manufacturer aired its Grasshopper Direct show providing a look at what the developer is currently working on.

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Terry_B171d ago

No wonder if its just the ps3 game with slightly better graphics.

akuarius87170d ago

I hope they work a little more on the port, not just porting it directly as it was on the ps3/360.

CrimsonWing69170d ago

I don’t care if it’s just a port, I’d love to revisit and Platinum this game. You have me at Day 1!

Venoxn4g170d ago

Such a great game! Completed like 4-5 times

cthulhucultist169d ago

I did not know anything about this game to be honest. After watching some gameplay videos however, I can honestly say I am interested.

Since this is not a demanding game, I will pass on Steam Deck version and buy this on Switch. Unless of course steam sales are more appealing

Yui_Suzumiya169d ago

Got this at launch for PS3 and loved if. It'll be another day 1 for the Switch version.


Shadows of the Damned Remaster Announced by Grasshopper Manufacture; Grasshopper Direct Coming

Today Grasshopper Manufacture announced that a remaster of the 2011 classic action-adventure Shadows of the Damned is coming.

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isarai177d ago

OH YES! one of the very few games I missed on PS3, wasn't willing to pay a collectors price for it, but I'm so game for a remaster

CBaoth177d ago

just when you thought Forspoken took the crown for cringeworthy script. This game was penned by a 13 yr old who freshly discovered puberty. What was it again, the Boner Cannon? Enjoy folks!

isarai176d ago

Looks like someone has an issue identifying humor.

Army_of_Darkness176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Mature(doesn't take itself serious) humour at its best! I love this game! Totally buying it day one! I just hope they add a game plus mode this time!


Naw bro, don't compare this to that garbage game forspoken. This game is actually fun and humorous... Well, for anyone with a dirty mind anyway lol

VanHalen176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

You’re the type of dude nobody wants to bring to a party and by the looks of all your dislikes, looks like you’re on your own.

CBaoth176d ago

thank god I'm not a snowflake, can formulate my own opinions, and have broad shoulders to withstand this insurmountable criticism of N4G lol. There's a reason the game sold less than 500k on original release. Perhaps you'd like to share with us why it bombed and why they're remastering a commercial flop?

isarai176d ago (Edited 176d ago )


I don't even like the stupid term snowflake, but the funny thing is you're actions in this comment thread is the textbook definition of snowflake. You came here offended by the games humor cause you don't understand it, and flaunt your opinion around people face to boast how different and unique you are from this crowd. Meanwhile everyone else here is just happy to have another chance at the game. That's a snowflake bud👍

Knushwood Butt176d ago

I haven't played Forspoken, but this is intentionally cringe, and that's often where Suda goes, just like in the No More Heroes games.

VanHalen174d ago

Hahaha, if it bombed like you claim it would actually be because of snowflakes like you that are offended by its sense of humor. Sitting at a 77 on metacritic, and getting a remaster so deal with it. You don’t like it, and have a problem with its humor, so you feel the need to cry about it to fans of the game? Get a life dude lol

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Venoxn4g177d ago

Yeeeessss!!! I love this game a lot! Finished at least 4 times..

MadLad176d ago

This game is the definition of a release that deserves a second chance. I know it sold abysmally, originally.

Futureshark176d ago

Best news of the day, hysterically bonkers game!

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