Sonic Superstars' Physics Have Been 'Fully Translated' from Sonic Mania

Sonic Superstars is the next game starring SEGA's mascot, and it's taking things back to 2D — albeit with three-dimensional models instead of pixels. While it looks like a lot of fun in its debut trailer, there has been some concern among fans that the game's physics may be closer to Sonic 4 than Sonic Mania, or the hedgehog's 16-bit classics. As it turns out, those fears can be put to rest.

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Number1TailzFan343d ago

This will be good.. now I hope that it's a decent challenge.

lio_convoy343d ago

Glad to hear that. That was my biggest concern.


Sega Blames Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Sonic Superstars’ Dip

Sega claims Super Mario Bros. Wonder's launch overshadowed Sonic Superstars, affecting sales. Sega remains hopeful for a turnaround.

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Cacabunga84d ago

SEGA in victim mode for many years.. blaming others for doing good never questioning themselves.. no need to be marketing effort to know that releasing a bit of the same sonic at the same time as a very creative and perfectly executed 2D mario would hurt the sales.. well SEGA have one of the most amateur marketing people in the industry


The rivals are at it again. 😁

ZeekQuattro84d ago

Even when Sega were still in the console business Sonic couldn't compete in terms of sales with Mario. Sonic is hot ragain and Sega still managed to fuck up. Quite the accomplishment.

Agent7584d ago

A lot of bad Sonic games over the years. After Sonic Adventure 2, although Sonic Adventure was better, Sonic died. Apart from the Sonic Racing, that's pretty much it. Sonic Frontiers, SEGA should've knocked out Sonic Adventure 3. These SEGA collections have been knocking around for too long. There's been too much dumbness at SEGA.

FinalFantasyFanatic83d ago

Sega is no stranger to dumb decisions, they've had a lot of practice, having said that, I love the Sonic Racing games and the movies.

Knightofelemia84d ago

Sonic is great but he is nothing when compared to Mario. Nintendo just knows how to utilize Mario better like Mario Maker, Super Smash, Mario Kart, Mario RPG, Mario Paint. Sonic is not a utilizable enough like Mario. Mario can be adapted to different games. Sonic is pretty much run, run, run. Sure Sonic has his own other games but again he is nothing when compared to Mario.

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Sega Gaming Profits Drop Sharply Due to "Weak" Sales of Some New Games

Sega published its financial results for the 9 months that ended on December 31, 2023, and at least part of them wasn't really great.

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Einhander1972104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Lets pretend that Sega didn't have it's largest number of games release on game pass ever during this quarter by not even mentioning it in your article about how their games underperformed in sales.

Hmm CTRL F ah zero mentions of game pass at all.

Abriael104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Sega did not mention Game Pass anywhere in its documents, so why exactly should I *assume* that it's a factor while some of its games underperformed because they were *bad* and sega had to apologize because they were bad?

Do tell, console warrior.

Cacabunga104d ago

Terrible editor and terrible game maker they have become..
These guys have so many sleeping gems they can bring back to life.. just as remakes to begin with.. Blu Stinger, Skies of Arcadia, Virtua Fighter, Story of Thor, Light Crusader………………….

104d ago
Obscure_Observer104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

"Hmm CTRL F ah zero mentions of game pass at all."


Abriael mentioned in the article that the games which underperformed were released in Q3, namely Sonic Superstars, Endless Dungeon andTotal War: Pharaoh.

And guess what? NONE of those games were released on Gamepass! XD

recoctimocassirnff103d ago

You think just because those game weren't on GP, that it didn't affect sales?

The very fact that GP exists means it affects sales.

You know why I never bought Far Cry 6 even though I wanted to play it? Because I saw so many ubisoft titles, and basically every single FC title went to PS Plus Extra. So instead of spending $125 (Australian price, utterly ridiculous) I simply waited just over a year and then sure as day FC6 came to Extra.

And I can't be the only one savy enough to be doing this.

cthulhucultist104d ago

@ Einhander1972: Financial Detective Pikachu strikes back

Profchaos104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Let's not solely blame gamepass I played like a dragon on PS plus and got into lost judgement and all via a PlayStation sub.

It's subscriptions in general

However now I got a taste for that style of game I'm going to pickup infinite wealth when it's on sale mainly cause I don't have the time to dedicate to it right now

There was sonic superstars though which has not launched on a service but I feel that was outshined by Mario wonder given that sonic sells best on Nintendo and it launched a week apart

CrimsonWing69104d ago

If GamePass is so crippling to them then why do they keep putting games on it? It’s not like they’re force to.

OneLove104d ago

Brain dead comment. Zero correlation.

Ironmike103d ago

Here we go again gamepass same old bollocks

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Skuletor104d ago

@JunonZanon I don't know how anyone can play RTS games on consoles, the controls are horrible.

FinalFantasyFanatic104d ago

I would have blamed their pricing scheme ($115/$120 for a new game? Charging out the butt for the Etrain HD Remasters? Charging extra for New Game Plus?), but some of those games did well anyway. None of the titles mentioned in Q3 exactly set my world on fire, I didn't purchase any of them, maybe no one else did either?