Prince of Persia The Lost Crown - Reveal Commented Gameplay | Ubisoft Forward

Dash into a stylish and thrilling action-adventure platformer set in a mythological Persian world where the boundaries of time and space are yours to manipulate. Play as Sargon and evolve from sword-wielding prodigy to extraordinary legend as you master acrobatic combat and unlock new Time Powers and unique super abilities.

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Looks fun, 1st Ubisoft played in many years outside of brawlhalla and mayber another I probably dont know is a Ubisoft game.

jznrpg174d ago

I didn’t they didn’t go with the Immortals cartoony graphical style I really don’t care for it. Oh well


EGX 2023 - Shadow of its Former Self

"EGX 2023 lacked AAA pulling power and didn't quite match last year's indie chops. Pizza and an opticians produced the biggest queues - and that says a lot."

- Stuart Cullen, TechStomper

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BGS 2023: How Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown stole the show - Entertainium

With Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Ubisoft reinvents its classic videogame franchise yet again in a a brilliantly put together platformer that has a huge emphasis on speed and precision movement and does not shy away from set pieces and fantastic combat.

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BGS 2023 Hands-on - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Even though this demo was short, and I still have no idea of what to expect in terms of unlockables or new abilities, I had a blast with what little I could play of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. What started off as a clunky, slow-paced 2D platformer in the late 80s has now finally made a comeback to its side-scrolling roots, but as a stylish, fast-paced metroidvania with slick combat, great visuals, and neat accessibility options. Can January 18th come soon? I don’t even mind if they decide to cancel the remake of The Sands of Time. I never thought a fast-paced Prince of Persia metroidvania was something I’d so desperately want in my life."

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