Starfield At 30FPS Is A Creative Decision, Says Xbox's Phil Spencer

"At some point, not to get all geeky about it, but there's render time per-frame and teams can either want to go horizontal or go kind of deep on a frame, and it's a creative choice.

We obviously have games that are running at 4K/60 on the platform. It’s not a platform issue, it’s a creative decision.

I trust the decisions Bethesda Game Studios makes, and I trust what I'm playing.

I don't ever want us to turn playing games into a math exercise... I'm not saying that 60[FPS] or resolution don't impact what you play, but I don't think we want that to turn into an Excel thing.

I think you want to give the creatives the tools to make the best decisions, and the game will be what it is.

I think Starfield's going to be a great game and I love the reception today, and I don't want to kind of force specs on every game before they start."

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Knushwood Butt352d ago

'and I trust what I'm playing.'.

He played Redfall.

chrisx352d ago

Yeah. Just another PR talk nothing more. There's no excuse as to why this game doesn't have an option to play at 60fps, I mean Xbox is the most powerful console ever, or so they were using as the bragging rights.

RpgSama352d ago

This is not a Math exercise, you should not bring up the fact that it's a 12 teraflops machine, those are just numbers in an excel sheet, the option to play in 60fps are just numbers in an excel spreadsheet, they do not make a difference, LOL.

The mental gymnastics of "Good Guy Phil" are amazing.

EvertonFC352d ago

Agreed, I find it funny how lots of the Xbox YouTube influencers have said there playing Starfield on PC yet they've been saying Xbox is back baby on there respective channels yet there playing it in on PC 😂🤣

darthv72352d ago

40fps would be a nice trade off... if it supported 120hz output.

dumahim352d ago

Has there been any Xbox 40fps games yet? I mean, meant to run that, on purpose.

Army_of_Darkness352d ago

Everyone stfu. Xbox finally has an exclusive. Let them enjoy the moment.

Profchaos352d ago

It's sad to not see more of a push to a 40 fps minimum it's barely any sacrifice to fidelity but it's infinitely more playable and provides vrr owners current and future a way to further boost the performance of the game.

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Lightning77352d ago ShowReplies(1)
Sonic1881352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Didn't the Xbox fans shit on Zelda for being locked in 30fps? Now they're cool with Starfield being locked in 30fps. Let that sync in for a second 😂 when Zelda tears of the kingdom wins GOTY hopefully they won't complain that a game in 30fps wins the award

Jin_Sakai352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Zelda is on an outdated relic while Starfield is on a powerful 12TF console. There simply no excuse for not having a 60fps performance mode option.

And 60fps would just make GOTY contender TotK an even better experience.

Sonic1881352d ago

Bethesda game engine is also an outdated Relic. They been using that engine since Skyrim

Rdeal352d ago

Redfall was in production before they bought them and they are not going to scrap it when they can just stick it on gamepass

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-Foxtrot352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

No one would really give a shit if he wasn’t going over the top with PR about the worlds most powerful console and how it can easily handle 60fps back when the console launched

Once again Phil’s PR bullshit comes back and bites him on the arse, if he shut his mouth more then this wouldn’t be a huge deal

IMissJimRyan352d ago

If you write your logic in a way that it needs more than 16,6ms there's no room for 60fps even if you made it 240p. Those games made with Gamebryo are the most interactive ow games out there. I think there's no other engine that tracks every object you move.

Maybe they just keep adding to the logic side of the engine and reached the limit of what Xbox Series is capable of doing in terms of CPU in 16,6ms.

darthv72352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

for the type of game it is (space exploration), 30 sounds like it will be offering the ideal experience as it relates to the various weight and gravity differences each world may hold.

back here on earth, 60 is more for racing, fighting and competitive shooters... this isnt any of those.

IMissJimRyan352d ago

It's not ideal, but it's what the cpu of these consoles are capable of. In a good pc I can't see any problem for this game running at 60fps or more.

Consoles have their limitations and CPU is always an issue.

P_Bomb352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

30 is ideal for Space exploration? The Mass Effect Legendary Edition @ 60/120 begs to differ.

“back here on earth, 60 is more for racing, fighting and competitive shooters... this isnt any of those.”

I’m on earth lol, and greatly appreciate 60 for all my action, adventure, platforming, rpg needs. TLOU Remake, Spider-man Remastered, DCUO, FF14. Hell, Sly Cooper. They all had one thing in common. 60 > 30.

Redgrave352d ago

I have seen some real reaches in my time for people to put their preference at the forefront, but "30fps more accurately represents the alien planets, whereas 60fps is more of an earth exclusive frame rate" is by long and far at the top.

We might have to preserve this comment by darthv72 for the Museum of Desperate Fanboyism because they have put out something truly special here.

LonDonE352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

@darthv72 dude stop accepting this crap, phil can go suck a ...... go replay fallout 4 or skyrim at 60fps on your series x and tell me it dont make a massive difference even on the gambryo engine or whatever hell its called.. playing oblivion and skyrim and fallout 4 at 60+fps is an incredible experience... and is how starfield should be... no reason at all to force us to play it at 4k whilst sacrificing framerate when we all know what skyrim used to play like on 360/ps3... was a terrible experience and constantly below a stable 30fps.

we deserve better, i love tod howard games but if i didnt have gaming pc i would of just not bought the game and would of played it on next gen when they eventually re-released it at 60fps...
We need to stop cutting bethesda and ms so much slack, phill and team xbox are a laughing stock at the moment and they give no shizzle for the loyal xbox gamers who spend £500 on a so called premium console
They need to give us the option to turn off the real time global illumination and other settings, i would prefer baked in lighting if it gives me 60fps.

FinalFantasyFanatic352d ago

I don't even have words for this, you can have a nice smooth jump around in space at 60fps or a choppy jump in space at 30fps, this game does have shooting too, doesn't it? Big reach.

anast351d ago

This isn't a real comment. Or is it?

sinspirit351d ago


Wait.. 30 sounds ideal because it relates to various weight and gravity differences. How does this make any sense at all?

In no way in any game ever does 30 make more sense in a technical or realistic sense over 60. Reality is not 30fps. Physics don't make as much sense in 30fps. 30fps is a tradeoff either because of hardware limitation or developer limitation. It's not a design choice for the sake of design.

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SullysCigar352d ago

Phil: "I don't ever want us to turn playing games into a math exercise..."
Also Phil: "12 TERAFLOPS BABY!!"