Blu-ray's first two years outpaces DVD's

engadgetHD:The success of DVD is the kind that consumer electronics manufactures dreamed of, and now after two years after the introduction of Blu-ray, it appears to be gaining steam even faster -- and during the worst economic crisis of our time. According to Richard Greenfield of Pali Capital, in two years there were about 1.2 million DVD players sold, whereas Blu-ray stand-alone player sales are estimated to be at 2.5 million -- no this doesn't include PS3s which are expected to be at 8 million. Of course choosing between a $129 DVD upconverter and a $199 Blu-ray player isn't that hard of a choice, but paying 30 percent more for a movie is. The news here isn't bad for Blu-ray either as it has managed to almost double its market share of the top 20 titles in the past six months. We have a feeling the members on the panel at the BDA press conference this Thursday at 7pm EST -- which we'll be covering live -- will have a few things to smile about.

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Kinetix4591d ago (Edited 4591d ago )

It doesn't matter what blu-ray does. It's dead. DEAD Ya Hear ME!

Lol. Great news, people want to get the best out of their HD Sets and this shows it.

rucky4591d ago

Of course it's dead! Droids like me don't want to listen to facts and only listen to uneducated blu ray bashing articles from yahoo tech and cnet. DVDs and DD are the FUTURE!!!

Please don't approve this article for this do not support my one sided opinion.

MasFlowKiller4591d ago

the media is making my head hurt, if blu ray is dead and then not dead, does it mean that its a confuse zombie?

rockleex4590d ago

*reference to the movie Walk Hard*

zethos564591d ago

Now imagine the sales if HDTVs were cheaper.

Also, I'm assuming that the 8 million PS3's is only for America? (I don't know the total PS3 sales for America).

Parapraxis4591d ago

HDTV prices are dropping insanely fast.
My TV retailed at 1699$, got it for 1399$ (good old price matching with FutureShop/Best Buy)
That exact TV is selling for 899$ at BestBuy and 999$ at FutureShop now. that was almost 1yr to date.
HDTVs are literally the only option now for people looking to get new TVs.

Gerry Mark II4591d ago

In other news the PS3's first two years outpaces the Xbox 360.

Nathan Drake4591d ago

Download shortage will never exist

OgTheClever4591d ago

Unfortunately bandwidth caps are coming into existence.

meepmoopmeep4591d ago

i have mandatory installs on my PS3
so i don't mind to wait upwards of an hour(s) to DL a movie

it's better than Blu-ray


Narutone664591d ago

to add /sarcasm. Now you got tons of disagrees.

rockleex4590d ago

Change "i have mandatory installs on my PS3" to "i HATE mandatory installs on my PS3".

Trust me, the sarcasm will come across MUCH better. ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.