Persona 3 Reload Won't Include Content from FES or Portable, Including the Female Protagonist

In an interview with IGN, Persona 3 Reload producer Ryota Niitsuma and chief director Kazuhisa Wada confirmed that Persona 3 Reload only features content present in the original release of Persona 3.

Snookies12173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

That's... Kind of disappointing, not getting the FES stuff at least.

Nebaku172d ago

It's the opposite really.

The Fes Stuff(The Answer) was 30 hours of mindless dungeon crawling, for a barebones story that hurt what WAS a good ending to the original game.

The extra content from PSP however, namely the female protagonist, would have done nothing but improve the overall package.

VersusDMC172d ago

It is but the main P3 storyline is still around the 80 hours so it is 60 bucks worth of content. And it is a big graphical upgrade. Compared to the original.

And i can see why they didn't add the female protagonist as they would have to do every cutscene twice. They did it on the psp version because there were no cutscenes(just still images) all that changed was the voice and text.

But maybe i don't care as much because it's a one month gamepass rental for me.

-Foxtrot173d ago

Of course

They'll include it in a future Persona 3: Reload +

RpgSama172d ago

Yep!, Will be skipping this at launch while waiting for the "Royal" edition.

MadLad172d ago

Same. Persona is actually my favorite in the series, and I'm hyped for the remake, but it's ridiculous to not include the added content and instead pull it out and sell it, yet again, down the road.

This is a remake. Not a new release. Just give us whatever content is already on offer.

FinalFantasyFanatic172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

This exactly, there's no reason to not make this the definitive version with all of the content from P3P and FES, or at least the FES content. I really want to buy it, but I'm expecting a P4G or P5R type treatment in the near future, so I'll be skipping out on this for the first year or two.

It's bad enough that the original game's content was so fragmented with the Vanillia, Fes and Portable editions. I always feel like Atlus is nickle and diming us when they do this kind of thing, especially when it's shortly after the original releases.

GhostScholar172d ago

Just so you know a lot of people didn’t like some of the content that is being left out.

MadLad172d ago


That would be an easy fix. Just make it that you can opt in or out of the extra content. Plenty of games have features like that anymore.

FinalFantasyFanatic172d ago

You can just choose not to play it, FES did split the game in two, so you could just, not play the Answer, and P3P let you choose your protag.

Judging by the comments on a lot of news sites, most people actually want the FES and P3P content. It seems like it's only the minority who don't want the left out content.

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AizenSosuke173d ago

Disappointing to be real with everyone here.

gold_drake172d ago

missed opportunity with FemMC.

Magic_Spatula172d ago

Eh. Guess I'll just go and replay the PSP version.

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Capcom Confirms More Resident Evil Remakes Are Coming

After the success of the Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4 remakes, Capcom has confirmed plans to continue the trend, although stopped short of announcing which Resident Evil game is next in line for the remake treatment.

just_looken9h ago

Right or go crazy and bring back there old street fighter titles

But na remake old RE games that somehow 20yrs later get awards for being the best game of that year like sure....

Amplitude9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

@just_looken: they're completely redesigned from the ground up. RE2 and 3 even moreso. It's completely valid that RE4 could win GOTY. Thats like saying MW3 2023 shouldn't have a chance to win GOTY (if it were actually good) simply because it shares a name and concept with an older release. Very silly logic tbh

-Foxtrot16h ago

Code Veronica is a must

RE5 but I want it like the original 4.5 ideas, if they must have co-op then I want it drop in drop out so single player gamers can enjoy the game with the solo survival horror themes in tact.

The original ideas had things like heatstroke if you stayed in the sun too long and also if you stayed inside for long period and enter to the outside too quickly your vision would be blurred to refocus in the bright sun.

just_looken9h ago

Resident Evil Survivor psvr 2?

na that means psvr 2 would not be a paper weight and even get fresh ideas/new games nvm