Persona 3 Reload — Announcement Trailer

Your story begins again. Memento Mori. 🌙
Awaken the depths of your heart in Persona 3 Reload, the genre-defining RPG now reborn for modern consoles.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC in early 2024!

GameBoyColor173d ago

Can not wait for this. p3 is the best game in the series

Lightning Mr Bubbles173d ago

I wonder why Xbox is trying so hard to associate itself with Persona. We saw it at their showcase last year also with Persona 4 golden and Persona 3 portable. I guess they think it will help them in the Japanese market. They probably see Persona as one of the most important JRPG franchises.

maniacmayhem173d ago

Or maybe this what a lot of Xbox fans were asking for, Persona to come to Xbox.

That and just simply MS has a good relationship with Sega.

luckytrouble173d ago

If you know how Xbox does for sales for Japanese games like JRPGs, you know there is not a vocal majority asking for these games on Xbox consoles. This is Microsoft desperately trying to fix the image their Xbox brand has had as a very western dude bro games console series since the 360 era.

gold_drake173d ago

no idea.
they got the advertising rights for their showcase, but we know where personas home is.
not a secret rly, but if atlus can make the gamepass cash, why not.

Yui_Suzumiya173d ago

I can't wait! Definitely getting this for Switch.

Viryu173d ago

I'm confused, is this a remake or a remaster?

VersusDMC173d ago

Remake. It will look like persona 5 instead of a ps2 game.

Also all the voice acting is redone with new actors.

gold_drake173d ago

omg they didnt keep the og voice actors? such a shame.

RedDevils173d ago

That suck, but I will give this a try.

mpo188_gacor173d ago

wait, which voice actor get changed? japanese or english one?

I'll still give it a try but it won't be the same.

VersusDMC172d ago

I don't know about japanese but all the english cast is different. I think it's because some of the OG cast has become famous and require a higher rate. One got a "me too". So it's just cheaper to get a whole new cast.

I'm not that concerned about quality as i like the P5 cast and performances on all spinoffs since. I got used to RE2 remakes new voices so i know it should be fine.

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franwex173d ago

I hope this is the FES version.

Nebaku173d ago

Why? So we can get an extra 30 hours of nothing gameplay tacked on, that drags down what was a good ending?

gold_drake173d ago

yeh fes extra content was rough.


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Vits6d ago

The issue with remaking Persona and Persona 2 is that they aren't what people now consider to be a persona game. So Atlus would need to either re-structure them from the ground up to better match what the series is now, which would definitely piss off the old guard. Or they would need to remake it into something that is still not what people now consider to be a Persona Title, which would at the very least confuse the public.

So I would prefer it if they did both. Remaster the original titles with a new coat of paint and some QOL, then remake them into entirely new things with a full-blown Remake.

gold_drake5d ago

i disagree woth the "not consider it a persona game"

but i agree on the need to make it more like 3-5.

the issue is that 2 wasnt exactly popular. so newer fans either cant play it anymore or just dont care.

and i guess atlus just doesnt rly care either way.

also, 2 would probably need to get censored alot ha.

FinalFantasyFanatic5d ago

It's a bit of a rock and a hard place, personally I would just accept a remaster/port, but doing a remake would be very risky for them for those particular games, I don't believe they will want to make the decision that a remake would force them into.

XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

Persona 1 & 2 remake would be amazing that and p5 ultimax with all persona characters.

DrDoomer5d ago

I'm just stoked that P3R is happening. Lets gooo!!

VersusDMC5d ago

If they planned to remake P2 they would have released the P1 and P2 PSP remasters on current consoles like they did with P3 and P4.

If they make another remake it will be 4.


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