Best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Dressed to Impress Although Link has typically been depicted in his classic green tunic and pointy hat throughout the history...

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ZeekQuattro351d ago

I use Zonai contraptions over horses pretty much exclusively now so I rock the Zonai Armor 90% of the time. It has high defense on top on preserving battery life. Other I'll switch to the anti slip frog suit when it rains or one of the other armors that protect against the different elements in the game. The electric proof armor gets an honorable mention. If there is a T-storm I usually throw it on and equip metal items and charge at enemies so they get struck by the lighting I attracted. Lighting strikes are good at one shotting a lot of baddies and even if they live they're left wide open for further attacks or lighting strikes.

Zeldafan64350d ago

Played through the entirety of the game and didn't upgrade a single piece of armor. Not that I was trying to do that I just never found the music troupe to unlock the great fairy fountains.


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