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Jordan writes, "There must come a point when making a Soulsborne that a development team has to look at each other and say “I think we’ve referenced one specific game a little bit too much.” In the case of Lies of P, this conversation perhaps happened too late into development."

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leahcim116d ago

I will summarize my impressions of the demo: (played every Fromsotware souls since ps3 Demon´s Souls)
Presentation: Slick
Stage design: Mediocre
Voices: Slick
Menus: good
Controls: great
Combat: poor

Conclussion: hey Sony where is Bloodborne 2!??

Palitera116d ago

How bad is the combat?
Even in the controlled environment of the trailer, a backstab to a sitting character is missed.


The combat is tight and feels very close if not spot on to a Souls games. I had no problem with back stabs. A red indicator pops up when u can stab them so you really shouldn’t miss.

Sonic1881116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Something does feel kinda off with the combat. When you parry the enemy is not even vulnerable it's like he still can hit you regardless if you parry 😂

repsahj115d ago

When you perfect parry, enemy weapons will break at some point. Sometimes you need to parry more than 1x to break their weapon, which is weird. So why do you parry 2 - 3 times(to break their weapons) if you can kill them instead.

Kaze88115d ago

@Repsahj you mean perfect block? the Y(triangle) + block is parry. perfect timing of block is just perfect block.

Kaze88115d ago

The combat felt better when I realized that dodging is not it's thing, perfect BLOCK is the way to go. Though have to admit that Boss second phases usually make your life tedious. I would prefer proper dodge, but the perfect block works way better in this game.

Like on the last boss if you even get perfect block on the hits there is always a thunder strike on every spots 2-3 seconds after the hit. So you basically need to perfect block and dash/move out of the lightnings way and repeat that 3-6 times to get 1-2 hits in. At that point it becomes tedious. First phases with perfect block are enjoyable when you succeed, then second phase shits the bed.

Sonic1881115d ago

I didn't like that. I have a feeling I will get frustrated playing this game. I never got frustrated playing Bloodborne

Kaze88111d ago

Yeah it's basically like sekiro, not bloodborne.

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Magic_Spatula116d ago

The writer of the article probably doesn't realize that maybe it's what the dev team wanted. Maybe they wanted a Bloodborne type game and decided to make one. Nothing wrong with that. While I'd love Sony and FromSoftware to develop Bloodborne 2 or even port it over to current gen/PC, it ain't gonna happen cuz for some reason, as the IP holders of Bloodborne, Sony's being stubborn about it. I'm glad other devs are doing what Sony refuses to do.

I_am_Batman116d ago

I don't think they're trying to deny it. It's clearly inspired by Bloodborne and Souls games in general. Defensive options are way too strong in the demo for it to truly feel Bloodborne-esque though. From Software deliberately took away block options in Bloodborne to make the combat have higher stakes and encourage an active playstyle.

Obviously this is a new IP and an entirely different development team, so I don't want to go into it with too many preconceived notions, but they kinda invited the comparisons by wearing their inspiration on their sleeves.


It plays NOTHING like Bloodborne. It’s far more inline with a Souls game. It may look similar to BB but that’s really about it.

senorfartcushion116d ago

They’re all the same game!

Bloodborne is just a Dark Souls game.


Not at all. I have to wonder if you ever played Bloodborne with that kind of comment. BB is far faster gameplay, no blocking, instant heals, weapon transformation, Lies of P has none of that based on the demo so how exactly is it almost the same game ?

senorfartcushion116d ago

Lol not at all?

Is the “blood” instead of “souls” thing enough for you or something?

It’s the same game. It doesn’t matter if one slightly encourages the player to be aggressive in combat with a parry weapon. They’re the same game, gameplay-wise. Of course they are 😂

Babadook7116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I agree. And Bloodborne was literally called Beast Souls early on. It is a bit different from Demons souls but certainly very similar as well.

The Wood115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Soulsborne is the genre now encompassing 2 different games with similarly styles. Demons souls being the kick off on consoles

potatoseal115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Yeah it seems like you've never played Bloodborne. Seriously, don't pretend, because people will know

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