Data Shows Most Switch Owners Are Women, Gamers React Poorly

Zack writes, "The new data also reveals that 45% of Xbox owners and 41% of PS5 owners are female, too.

This really shouldn’t be news and it certainly shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, but yes, new data from Circana shows that women play video games. In fact, more than half of all Switch owners are women. And a very vocal bunch of idiots are reacting about as well as you’d expect to this “revelation.”

On June 9, Mat Piscatella—the executive director & video game industry analyst at Circana (formerly NPD)—tweeted out some newly released data about who is buying and playing video games in the United States."

phoenixwing116d ago

Don't see how this is shocking when the world population is split between men and women

potatoseal116d ago

Without the numbers I probably would have guessed around about 30%, maybe even a tiny bit lower. This is good news. The more gamers the better

phoenixwing116d ago

Yeah I think it's good too. More women means more exposure.

Godmars290115d ago

Except when publishers change a male catering title to make it more appealing to a female audience, while using the most female stereotypical mindsets (from an often male perspective or filter.)

Nacho_Z115d ago

Yeah I'd have guessed around 30% too, quite pleasing that's it's much closer to being even. Probably will be in the near future.

WelkinCole115d ago

Depends, If SP story focused women gamers then great :)

Army_of_Darkness115d ago

Is this why sh1t has become more w0ke the past decade?! 😒 Cater to them and forget about us OG gamers eh?

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sadraiden116d ago

It's not shocking even if the world was predominantly men. People buy shit. Women still spend somewhere around 83 cents for every dollar spent in North America.

NotoriousWhiz115d ago

Are you saying that for every $1 a man spends, a woman spends 83 cents

Or that women spend 83 cents and men spend 17 cents?

crazyCoconuts115d ago

For every dollar I earn my wife spends 83 cents of it

neutralgamer1992115d ago

Good more gamers why is this shocking to anyone ?

Ninver115d ago

I'm surprised it's not the other way around considering there are more women than men in the world.

gamerz115d ago

Majority are moms buying for their kids.

DeusFever115d ago

If there are so many women in this world, then why are these men so alone?

Yui_Suzumiya115d ago

Because 2D anime girls are what's hot and real girls are what's not, lol

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CrimsonWing69116d ago

Who gets upset over this!? I mean I wouldn’t have guessed, but great. Glad girls like gaming so much.

-Foxtrot116d ago

Going off the replies and the like I don’t think that many people are getting upset, just Kotaku trying to make a sensational headline for clicks and stir the pot so make gamers look like shit heads.

883116d ago

The funny thing is that the title of the article itself potentially makes the author/game press look foolish. It's almost a comically bad title choice. Saying that "gamers" react poorly after mentioning how women own a gaming system *implies* that the author either does not count women as "gamers" or that female gamers are also reacting poorly to the news that so many Switch owners are female. Even if the title had said, "male gamers react poorly"... Nope, Zack went with "gamers react poorly". Doh.

shinoff2183115d ago

What good would that do. There a gaming site. I don't know much about the site though

Dandizzle115d ago

Exactly, Kotaku is straight garbage

senorfartcushion115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

There’s always some sort of shitheadery though.

No girls allowed clubs were a thing when I was a kid (for the losers who didn’t want cooties) and I’m sure the internet has just made those clubs more efficient to make

wiz7191115d ago

@foxtrot Judging by the comments on twitter a lot of men are denying the stats ..

Army_of_Darkness115d ago

I don't believe this... I don't know a single girl out there that has a ps4. I knew a few that had a Wii...

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shinoff2183115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I got 3 daughters, 1 son, my girl and me. We all game.

Leeroyw115d ago

Same. Nobody is upset. This is standard divisiveness from kotaku

AmUnRa115d ago

Its the male part of gamers that are talking about woke games and dont want to play as a woman. They have no idea that almost the halve of gamers are woman...let that sink in....