Battlefield 2042 Season 5 Early Weapon Feedback and Upcoming Changes Outlined by DICE

DICE has revealed some of the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 early weapon feedbac, and mentioned some changes that'll be coming in a future update.


Battlefield 2042 Ground Vehicle Improvements Incoming in Season 6, Here Are a Few Examples

DICE is introducing Battlefield 2042 ground vehicle improvements in Season 6, and here are a few examples for how tanks are affected.

ravens5215h ago

Stop supporting this and make a bf4 remake.

peppeaccardo15h ago

So I preordered and bought the gold edition for 100 euros as I mistakenly jumped on the hype bandwagon. It was total $H!T when it launched, yes they made it better BUT whenever I play Battlefield V I want to play more, when I play this I just want to quit. So I uninstalled it and just get pissed whenever BF2042 news pop up .. .and I feel compelled to always write the same comment (this) just because I lost time and 100 euros on this piece of (half) turd!

Newmanator13h ago

I too was duped by buying digital day 1. Never again!

FinalFantasyFanatic9h ago

It's a pity they're still struggling to fix this game, I love the setting, but I don't want to support bad dvelopment practices.


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