How did Crime Boss: Rockay City get its Hollywood stars?

Jarek Kollář is a seasoned developer who has contributed to the success of popular franchises like Vietcong and Mafia. Currently, he serves as the head of game development at Ingame Studios. Recently, their studio launched an action-packed game centered around organized crime called "Crime Boss: Rockay City" for PC. The highly anticipated console versions of the game are set to be released soon.

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just_looken115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

from mafia to this ouch what a fall

They also plan to support this? man just give it the old yeller treatment.

Only thing worse than this is gollum


oIMyersIo108d ago

Amazing, guy throws around wild claims with zero evidence then just downvotes when challenged. 😂


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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Crime Boss: Rockay City is a has-been roguelike mashed together with a has-been FPS that's mostly filled with has-been movie stars. There are so many minute details from top to bottom that make it nigh impossible to afford charitability to its writing, design, or overall taste. It's true that it works, in that bugs and other technical issues aren't plaguing the game. It can be finished and there are some salvageable crime enterprise mechanics to fiddle with, but everything surrounding that feels hollow and misguided. There's no other way to look at the rougelike elements than as a deliberate sham for its recycled content either. Perhaps it's fitting for that special kind of emptiness to come from a crime game; by the end of it, you'll have been viciously pilfered of both your time and money."

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Review - There are glimpses of a great crime sim in Crime Boss: Rockay City, but to find them you'll need to last long enough in the campaign.

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