Assassin's Creed Mirage: A Return to the Roots

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Assassin's Creed Mirage and discover how the development team created an experience that pays tribute to the beginnings of Assassin's Creed by revisiting its core pillars: parkour, stealth and assassinations.

potatoseal115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

This looks cool. I've platinumed every single Assassin's Creed even if I really disliked some of them LOL. At least this one is looking good and it won't be 70+ hours to platinum this time. Looks like a nice chill 30 hour Plat maybe. I like the focus is on more stealth than action.

EvertonFC115d ago

You plat a game if "you really disliked some of them"

potatoseal115d ago

Yes actually. I found out i dsiliked it after about 20 hours or got bored of it, but I wanted that Platinum, so I kept going.

-Foxtrot115d ago

I was really looking forward to this, I thought it was going to separate its self from the other games so people who fell out of love with the series with Origins could get back into it but apparently the main guy was featured in Valhalla. It will obviously reference it and the like if it’s the same guy or his ancestor

Kind of a shame, I’ll probably get it when it’s super cheap

potatoseal115d ago

It's before he was in Valhalla. So in regards to the setting of the game, how can they reference something that hasn't happened yet?

-Foxtrot115d ago

Well first of all we don’t know how the structure will go, it’s AC, going back and forth is it’s thing

Secondly what about references they could add that would make you think “Ohhhh that’s when in Valhalla he…” or “That was a foreshadowing to when he does X later on” etc

neutralgamer1992115d ago

When I first saw the game, I did not know what was missing, but it just did not have the feeling of order assassin‘s creed games. It felt like something was missing, even though it had a fresh coat of paint.

Not sure how to explain but just felt like something of a fan made project

Inverno115d ago

Wonder how much it'll be like the og games rather than the next step people waited for such a long time for. They were banking on nostalgia in this video showing off all the old school assassinatios, and talking about how it's more like AC2, but people stopped liking the series cause it kept more of the same. Are we really going to buy this based off nostalgia? Cause they'll just go back to milking this formula again.

Mr_cheese115d ago

My thoughts as well. The series seems to have gone stagnant with that a great deal changing beyond the setting.

SyntheticForm115d ago

I didn't see anything exciting here - not at all. Like everything, we have to wait and see, but I'm certainly not pumped or even intrigued, really.

Escamotage115d ago

Same. I was hoping the gameplay mechanics would be a refresh and polish of the old AC games. But all I'm seeing is recycled animation and choppy frame rate like it was made for PS3. I find this all to be worrying.

lucian229115d ago

and it looks JUST as boring as the old ones. Once you beat AC2 the formula is dull and boring

DaleCooper115d ago

My favorite AC game. I also really enjoyed the co-op too.

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jznrpg1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

I want to play Alan Wake but I’m not buying another digital only game this year. I still haven’t bought Baldurs Gate 3 but if do buy a digital only game that will be the one but I’m still holding out as I have tons of games to play and don’t like buying digital only. I hate this practice and don’t want to support it. I understand small indie games sometimes being digital only but those are rare too. But these bigger games can easily get someone to print them 100k or more copies and they will all sell.

gold_drake1d 18h ago

yh im holding off on Alan wake too.

the digital only is stupid as hell. there is no way that the physical media costs them so much.

Profchaos4h ago

I think I read it's like $8 or something Sony charges for the disc and publish in fee which is Inline with ms and switch costs more with the 16gb cart which replaces the 8gb model being a little more than the PS4 disc but higher 32gb capacity is right up there as such also the reason why publishers release huge patched on day 1 for switch


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Jin_Sakai2d ago

I’ll be picking up Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros Wonder.

_SilverHawk_2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'll be getting foam stars because it's freSh and original which is needed now because of all the remakes and copycat games. I've never Seen anything like it and it's lookS like a lot of fun

Nintentional1d 21h ago

I see what you did there :)