As Monster Hunter Sunbreak comes to an end, there’s no better time for Monster Hunter World 2

Capcom might be on the hottest streak of its life, and it could continue its rampant success with a follow-up to its most-loved MH game.

GoodGuy09114d ago

Yes it's about time. The upcoming Capcom showcase is a perfect time as rise has finally been complete.

GhostScholar114d ago

I wanted to get into the series so I played world and I just couldn’t. After killing the 100th iguana I got bored. Then you finally get the armor and then it’s time To kill 100 of the next creature.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Item Packs Offered by Capcom, Download Them Here

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak free item packs containing plenty of in-game goodies are available to claim, download them here.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Wraps Up This August

There’ll be another enormous content drop on 24th August, as Capcom rolls up all of the title’s remaining post-release content into one gigantic – and final – patch.

That means title updates 14, 15, and the newly announced 16 will all arrive at the same time. The latter update – available from tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch and PC – will bring the events of the game to a close with a face-off against the Primordial Malzeno, but it’ll only be available to those who’ve reached Master Rank 10.

As you’d expect, the latest update will also include armour augmentation upgrades, new decorations, and plenty of regular event quests. There’ll also be a range of paid DLC bundles available at an “affordable price”. And then, once all that’s readily available, it’ll be full steam ahead to a new Monster Hunter we suspect – perhaps we may even learn more during next week’s Capcom Showcase.

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Capcom Announces Record-High Financial Results & Video Game Sales; Is Aiming Even Higher

Today Capcom announced record-high financial results for the full fiscal year that started on April 1, 2022, and ended on March 31, 2023.

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blackblades145d ago

Nice, they hoping to sell 100mil units year on year. Guess that says no game pass day one release if they wanna meat that expectations.

Obscure_Observer144d ago

"Guess that says no game pass day one release if they wanna meat that expectations."

Well, Exoprimal is day one on Gamepass, so I would suggest you to hurry up and warn them ASAP.

GoodGuy09143d ago

Congrats Capcom, truly deserved. AAA gaming has become full of atrocities and Capcom is one of the only third parties that do it right anymore. Keep making high quality no BS games.

TricksterArrow143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Aiming higher? Than the year they released the Remake of their biggest game ever? I hope to see some good titles, then.

BlackDoomAx143d ago

Release the new Monster Hunter!