Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Was SGF's Biggest Surprise

IGN's John Davison, Daemon Hatfield, Max Scoville, and Ryan McCaffery talk talk about the biggest announcements in Summer Game Fest including Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; the disgusting, yet, tongue-in-cheek funny Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities; and the dual storylines of Alan Wake II.

Abriael111d ago

You were surprised after 7 days of teasing? My goodness, talk about clueless.

andy85110d ago

I was. I didn't think they'd do a massive reveal like that so soon before FF16 releases

Abriael110d ago

They literally spent a week describing the trailer lol.

Babadook7109d ago

Was that teasing related to SGF?

Abriael109d ago

It started exactly a week before SGF and the obvious end was the day of SGF. Unless you can't do 1+1, it was as obvious as the sun.

Babadook7109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Ok so not at all related. You’re stretching for this one.

-Foxtrot111d ago

Really? I mean when he said something people thought, by some miraculous chance it was going to be GTA6 or something

SullysCigar111d ago

Looks awesome - I look forward to getting stuck into this one once I've rinsed out FFXVI.

Babadook7110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Yeah. Game of the show.

CrimsonWing69110d ago

Aside from MK1, this was pretty much the only thing that excited me from that Showcase. Like what is it with these showcases being so boring and then ending with a single banger? I almost with they’d just show their finales and call it a day.

Spider-Man 2 was the only thing in the Sony showcase that wowed me. Rebirth was basically it for SGF, but MK1 was pretty cool, too… but it was basically just MK to me with a ton of fan service.

jznrpg109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I didn’t watch the FF16 trailer purposely for the Sony show but I would count that, Granblue rpg , Dragon Dogma 2 and Phantom Blade Zero as all great to me on top of SpiderMan 2 which I also didn’t watch.

Arizona Sunshine 2 looked great for PSVR2 also.

I won’t watch anymore of the games above before release as I like going in blind as possible for games I know I’m going to buy.

sadraiden110d ago

Everyone saying "but they were teasing/advertising it in the lead up to SGF so it wasn't a surprise" are all being downvoted. Everyone blindly cheering FF7 with zero regard to the content of the article gets upvoted lol.

Pertinently, it wasn't a surprise whatsoever. There was plenty of discussion and announcement from SE in the past week.

Babadook7109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I personally was surprised.

Can you link to an article before the day of the show claiming that Rebirth would be at summer games fest? Because I can’t find such an article. I did find this though, which of course does not disprove that the game would be a surprise at SGF. https://www.pushsquare.com/...

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