Crossfire: Sierra Squad Flies the VR Flag at Summer Games Fest

Crossfire: Sierra Squad was the only VR game featured at Summer Games Fest, and even then only the PSVR 2 version.

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SullysCigar111d ago

Lol I love the 'totally-not-a-Helghast 9; thumbnail!

Game looks like a proper fast-paced, balls-out, cheesy gun-fest though - should sit nicely alongside the tactical Firewall Ultra on PSVR2. Loving that you can play 2-player co-op as well!

z2g111d ago ShowReplies(4)
jjb1981110d ago

I mean, who doesn't love Killzone 2?

purple101111d ago

What, no Xbox version? Thought Xbox series X was vr ready

kevco33111d ago

It's as 'VR Ready' as you can be without having a compatible VR headset. ;)

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MIDGETonSTILTS17111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

My brother and I have been waiting for a game like this.

We enjoy Pavlov together, but we each have preferred gametypes…. This just looks like a fun coop experience, like Time Crisis and other light gun arcade cabinets.

SlothLordPootus111d ago

So confused at the logo/font for this game. I dont want to be mean but every time i see it it looks like it was made by a 10 year old. Seems odd for a relatobelt high budget game.

Abnor_Mal110d ago

I’ve been excitedly waiting for this games release, hoping it turns out to be a great shooter.

I also hope we get an update to Bravo Squad and Blood and Truth.


Border Bots VR Delayed Until 2024

Paw Print Games and Team17 have announced that Border Bots VR has been delayed for all platforms until early 2024.

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A Red Matter PSVR 2 Upgrade is Coming Very Soon

Vertical Robot's 2018 sci-fi thriller Red Matter is getting a free PSVR 2 upgrade next week, with lots of new next gen additions.

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Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

“with lots of new next gen additions.“

Lots?! I already finished it twice and I thought it was pretty much perfect already.


“PSVR 2 players will also enjoy foveated rendering as well as “smooth 90fps with no reprojection.” Which should make the game glorious to look at. It’ll also include expanded language support.”

It was 120 fps before without reprojection. I don’t get this bit.

Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Didn’t read right. This is the original Red Matter (1) psvr version updated for psvr2. Whoops!

I was just saying how much I wanted it too.


Ghost Giant Creators Are Building a Claymation-Based VR Game

Ghost Giant creators have formed a new studio MoonHood and are building a claymation-based VR game to be published by Fast Travel Games.

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