The problem with Diablo 4 and its "macrotransactions"

From Xfire: "Fans believe that it's no longer fitting to refer to the cosmetics as "microtransactions" due to their price point."

LordoftheCritics111d ago

Blizzard stock is 80$

We should be able to own their stock every time we spend 80.

just_looken110d ago

Ha well you could just go and but the stock straight up.

The bigger issue here is how much of this store is on our disc/day one download i already see a full row in my armor look that tells me to get the plastic out.

NotoriousWhiz110d ago

Buy a stock, get free cosmetics, that might be a winning pitch lol

SullysCigar111d ago

How do they justify charging $30 for a dress? I get that less people will buy it, but look at the work that goes into that compared to the ENTIRE game and look at the price difference. I'm surprised this isn't regulated, to be honest.

just_looken110d ago

That is the issue after over 7yrs loot box's are getting regulated and or attention.

So live service is the future now and users love it i saw last night a group of 3 bragging about there store armor and horse armor showing it off like you a peasant they are not in the chat.

SullysCigar110d ago

Loot boxes?? Oh you must mean "surprise mechanics"! X^D

Gameseeker_Frampt110d ago

Destiny 2 just released 3 PlayStation themed costumes for $20 each. The prices these companies are starting to charge is outrageous. You could by a great indie game for less than the price of a MTX dress.

just_looken110d ago

Well sony want's bungle to increase all prices by 10% and make live service games there priority get those big bucks.

I agree horrible prices but they sell and sadly in some games sell yacht money every week.

I would like to know just how much base data of our $70-100 game is set aside to be sold again in the store.

SullysCigar110d ago

The prices are ridiculous. The BIG difference between those two games though, is that Diablo 4 is $70 and Destiny 2 is FREE. Either way, I'm not paying, but you have to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

oIMyersIo110d ago

Destiny 2 wasn’t always free before micro transactions were implemented and in order to keep up to date and play the current version of Destiny 2, you have to pay.

I get it, you want to defend Sony to the death but let’s not downplay $20 cosmetics because it’s Sony. You all complain about Warzone, that’s free too but here we are, different story when it’s a Sony owned property.

Gameseeker_Frampt110d ago


Destiny 2 is hardly free. The base game, which Bungie stripped half of it away and hasn't updated the other half, is free. The expansions are not free. You want to play Lightfall - that's $50. You want the current season - that's another $15. You want to play the new dungeon that just came out - that's $20. Cosmetics from the seasonal event - that's $10 for the privilege of grinding away at them.

You clearly don't play Destiny 2.

just_looken109d ago


destiny 2 became free and the expansions cost alot of money.

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jwillj2k4110d ago

Hey! Here’s the rub, just don’t buy it.

jznrpg110d ago

That’s how pay to win creeps into games. Just don’t buy it they say -

Jin_Sakai110d ago

“How do they justify charging $30 for a dress?“

I get that it’s ridiculous but literally no one has to buy cosmetics.

EvertonFC110d ago

Rocket league has £17.99 goal explosions or EA PGA tour golf £18 for a club which you can get with playing 4 rounds of golf.

SullysCigar110d ago

Rocket League is free, Diablo 4 is 70 BUCKS...

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isarai111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

It has them, that's the problem

PhillyDillyDee110d ago

People w more money than sense dont seem to mind.

rippermcrip110d ago

Stop crying. It is cosmetics only. If people want to spend $25 on it, then so be it.

I'll be getting free content updates for years thanks to these people funding the game.

akurtz110d ago

Problem is, most of these live service games drop feed content and/or release bare bones to begin with. I’m starting to prefer the $20-$30 expansion packs from before that included a years worth of “free updates”

rippermcrip110d ago

We're talking about D4 right now. This is an excellent game with a ton of content at release. As of right they don't shove any MT in your face either. I haven't even looked at the shop tab.

sadraiden110d ago

Starting to prefer? Name a moment in time where you got anywhere near the same value as Brood War/Frozen Throne/Lord of Destruction.

EvertonFC110d ago

Or voice our opinions and maybe they'll listen and reduce the prices to acceptable levels. It should ONLY be about £5 for most these cosmetic items not £20. Example why can't a goal explosion in rocket league be £2.99 NOT £17.99 or clothes £0.99 for boots or trousers and not £20 or armour/weapon skin £1.99 NOT £15/25.

rippermcrip110d ago

Voices will not matter because people are buying it. That's how it works in life.

You have to convince the people to stop buying, which is an impossible task because people are dumb.

sadraiden110d ago

If it was simply just an offer, that wouldn't be so egregious. However, it's never just an offer. It's always some mechanic tied to the MTXs, or some kind of psychological funnel. Even in the case of D4, it's the "don't miss out!" hard sales tactic, which just works on people and creates a predictable statistical revenue projection for Blizzard. It's predatory and makes the game they appear in altogether worse. You think that Diablo 4 content being released relies on the success of cosmetic MTXs in D4? Not the billions in revenue WoW subs still bring in?

rippermcrip110d ago

What mechanic is tied to D4 MT? None.

Why do you keep talking about other games?

You want to blast Immortal for the pay2win, go for it. But this game is purely cosmetics. Nothing to cry about. There is a shit ton of free content in the game.