Diablo IV is the new gold standard for cross play

The live service aspirations of the latest Diablo game make it easier to play with your friends regardless of what platform they game on.

Terry_B111d ago

Online only is never a golden standard.

isarai111d ago

Yeah you can bump off with that bizz

Fishy Fingers111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I mean, cross play can only be online

just_looken110d ago

Not to mention cross platform play destroys any aspect of competitive play.

When you jump platform to platform your adding latency then you got the differences of settings.

The gold standard was dedicated servers everyone has the same game-pad and there are vote to kick options.

Zhipp110d ago

Why would jumping platforms add latency?

slate91111d ago

This is the standard moving forward

just_looken110d ago

Sadly it is :(

In d4 your playing the serades game with console player as without a keyboard you can not communicate back and forth. Unless everyone has a mic.

anast110d ago

Online only with battle passes and micros pushed as far as they can are the gold standard in gaming...people are seriously gone.

sagapo110d ago

That’s not what this is about. It’s about playing with your friends across platforms. If you can’t see that’s a cool featue, that’s on you.

With the battlepasses and micros (in general) I can agree with you to a certain extend. But in case of D4 you can play for 100’s of hours without having to pay for any battlepass/micros. And that’s good enough for me.

CrimsonWing69110d ago

It’s nice being able to play with friends and letting everyone choose the platform they want to play on.


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LordoftheCritics5d ago

Exhausting game.

There is zero drive to do anything in the game.

Slappy McGee3d ago

Especially after you beat it. The seasons are just not fun and neither is grinding to level up since everything levels with you.

Sonic18814d ago

I went from liking this game to hating it. Diablo Immoral 2.0

Gardenia4d ago

That's what battle pass and seasons do to a game. They control how much you can play, how fast you should level and what you can win for free.

northpaws4d ago

I am starting to believe Xbox is cursed at this point... everything they touched slowly become shit, not saying it is their responsibility as I know they don't have involvement on some of these games, just crazy how they are almost impossible to put out a decent games as long as the publishers/studios are owned by them, unlucky I guess.

bradfh3d ago

Activision, not Xbox, is responsible for disappointing games like Diablo, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, which often suffer from endless grinding and changes that make them less enjoyable.

Kosic3d ago

Xbox does not own D4, so I am unsure how they can be at fault for this game...

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shinoff218316d ago

Good. Sounds like alot of bs with that game. I'd much rather just buy diablo 3.