Persona 3 Reload & Persona 5 Tactica Leaked by Atlus Itself

Atlus itself has leaked two of its big announcements for this week, Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica, via its western Instagram account.

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sparky77116d ago

Both on Game Pass day 1 too, wow.

The greatest deal in gaming gets even greater lol.

Snookies12116d ago

That's awesome that it's going to be on Game Pass day one! Been quite a while since I last played P3. I'm definitely down to go back through it in HD!

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GoodGuy09116d ago

If this was a part of the xbox showcase...imagine what else they got to show? 😳

Lightning77116d ago

It was suppose to be at the Xbox Showcase but Atlas messed up here and leaked it.

neutralgamer1992116d ago


i am glad you like GP but please stop these sorts of comments. I am subscribed to GP till 2025 but it's not needed to be mentioned with every comment i make

on topic

great i hope we get all the persona games on current platforms

Shadowsteal115d ago

I mean Xbox gamers don't buy Japanese games like that anyways. Atlas knew this so they secured the bag up front from Microsoft. That probably funded the development costs and now Atlus can enjoy the profits from the rest of the platforms that actually buy their games.

neutralgamer1992115d ago

That’s true Xbox has a fan base which is more western so to get the support Microsoft has to pay the developers but it’s worth it to them to have the content

And we all win as gamer’s because these deals make these games be available on other platforms too.

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luckytrouble116d ago

Clearly meant to go live following the Xbox showcase. Big oopsy there. I suppose look forward to the inevitable multiplat announcement in the coming week or two.

VersusDMC116d ago

Well we will find out during the conference if its an exclusive. And there was a 48 hour embargo on mentioning the non xbox versions of the remasters...so we will only really know for sure it's multiplatform on the 13th.

Sgt_Slaughter116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It's already been confirmed to be multiplatform (PS4/PS5/Switch) via Gematsu: https://www.gematsu.com/202...

Persona is a multiplatform series now, it would be silly for them to lock themselves to a system like Xbox where it would have the lowest sales. They need the Switch versions to sell in Japan too (Switch's P5R launch was 45,000k vs PS5's 5,000k)

VersusDMC116d ago

Bit weird to compare sales of switch compared to PS5. Especially since P5R PS4 works on PS5 and is basically the same so no reason to upgrade.

On ps4 both versions of P5 launched over 200k. P4G launched on Vita over 100k. Even the ps3 version of P5 launched at 70k. And P5R launched on PS4 with a 9 mil install base and lauched on switch with a 30mil install base. So that 45k is kinda meh...


So it definitely needs to be on a playstation to get the sales in japan.

potatoseal116d ago

Sweet, I never played 3, only 4.

FinalFantasyFanatic115d ago

They're great games, although a little different, I love them all, I hope the first 2 games get ported or remastered to Steam one day.

Levii_92116d ago

The new Persona 5 add on looks great.

VersusDMC116d ago

Looks great and new lotus juice music. Day 1.

Don't like that it has the same release window as FF7R...they better be a month apart at least.

gold_drake116d ago

yeh, early 2024 could be until april really haha