Here’s why the party is dead in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer

The opening of the FF7 Rebirth trailer at Summer Game Fest has a lot of fans scratching their heads, but this theory seems to have worked it out.

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gold_drake115d ago

ah, its time to stay away again, spoilers of the trailer all around haha

senorfartcushion114d ago

It was never a remade series, though. The point of the last game is that they prevented the remaking of the same timeline.

Now anything goes. It’s basically the Flashpoint Paradox for FF7

CrimsonWing69114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

See, part of me is bummed out because all I wanted out of this was some next-gen crazy Remake that expands on things or added new stuff here and there while going through all of the original game.

But you’re right, this isn’t a Remake. This is literally a sequel trilogy of sorts that deals with multi-verses parallel to the original. Part of me thinks that’s cool, but I’m not sure how I feel with Zack being alive in one universe and them now questioning Tifa’s existence in this one.

Still, this looks so fantastic. I know everyone kind of gets prickly when you mention one FF game looks better than the other, but man watching this trailer and the combat then going back to FF16’s trailer and watching the combat and world… it literally kind of diminished a lot of my hype for 16.

Not knocking, 16. It’s Day 1 for me, but I have a feeling as I play it I will keep thinking how much more interested I am in Rebirth.

It’s like, if you go back and watch the latest IGN gameplay of FF16 it’s so boring looking, then you go back and check this Rebirth trailer out with the different party abilities and team ups, the look of the world, Sephiroth, seeing Jenova boss battle, etc… it’s just, damn it looks better to me 😅

Anyways, good time to be an FF fan!

MrNinosan114d ago

Pretty sure it's not Tifa that Sephiroth meant in the end of the trailer.
It's SE's way to play mindgames with us.
I'm certain he's actually talking about Aerith.

shinoff2183114d ago


I'd still like to have a 1 to 1 remake of ff7 ,but I'm happy with what they did in the 1st remake.

CrimsonWing69114d ago


I believe he was talking about Tifa. It’s one thing that never made sense to me in the original, how Tifa survived and with no scar. I think in Rebirth they’re actually going to address how she survived.

But it also seems like this will allow for Aeris to survive, which I hope isn’t the case because her sacrifice was such an important role in the previous narrative.

We’ll see what happens.

WhiteHawk114d ago

MrNinosan Well you would be pretty wrong, the lines Sephiroth says are over the scene with Tifa. And in the Japanese trailer he literally says Tifa.

MrNinosan114d ago

No, he doesn't say that he killed Tifa in the Japanese trailer or mentioning her by name in that part.
The scene we see is from the Kalm flashback, the voiceover that happens in the trailer at that same part is Squares way to make you think it's about Tifa.
It's a classic trailer by SE, where they want to us to believe something but it's taken out of context.

CrimsonWing69114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


“ the voiceover that happens in the trailer at that same part is Squares way to make you think it's about Tifa.
It's a classic trailer by SE, where they want to us to believe something but it's taken out of context.”

The death of Aerith would not have taken place yet in this timeline.

It makes more sense to refer to Tifa especially with Tifa questioning about Cloud and where he’s been for the past 5 years. She mentions he was never in Nibleheim, but we know he was. Cloud would not have known how Tifa recovered from the attack by Sephiroth.

At least that makes the most sense to me.

I think they’re going to do some mind f*ckery with the timeline or at least Sephiroth is going to get in Cloud’s head and have him question this reality.

repsahj114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I like the idea that they combine the OG FF7 story and sequel in one game, that is a genius move.

WhiteHawk114d ago

@MrNinosan Incorrect, stop talking out your backside and go watch the Japanese trailer, go to that scene with Sephiroth talking, he literally starts the sentence with the word Tifa, and even YouTubes auto-translate captions picks up on it. People who speak Japanese and English posted about this within minutes of the trailer being up. Stop being a fool and learn things before posting.

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WhiteHawk114d ago

Anything goes in the alternate timeline with Zack and in any of the sequel elements, not in everything. As the devs has said over and over we are still getting the original story, same locations just with new elements, just like the first part which is pretty much confirmed by this trailer. This is a sequel yes, but it is also remake, it’s both. Don’t hang your theories on killing fate, that just adds to the sequel and Zack timeline elements.

cerpintaxt44114d ago

i watched this dudes video yesterday and was rather baffled by his confidence. a person being on a stretcher does not mean they are dead

senorfartcushion114d ago

Without a white blanket over their face, wouldn’t it be implying that they are alive? Or do you think they had their faces uncovered to show the audience?

cerpintaxt44114d ago

that was exactly my thought dead people arent wheeled around uncovered

shinoff2183114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Pretty sure if you played the first one you know what's going on with the stretcher part but hey maybe not. I don't wanna say what I think is going on because not everyone has played

I did tell my buddy who hasn't played the 1st one "do not watch the trailer" it's not to spoilery but it was just appropriate advice imo

AnotherGamer114d ago

Uhhh.. we don't even know how the game would work based on one trailer.

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shinoff21835d ago

I'll be going deluxe. That collector's edition is gonna be pricey. Pretty dope though

-Foxtrot5d ago

The issue with the collectors edition people are missing is that it's not really a collectors edition at its core

Like the FFVII remakes "collectors edition" and Kingdom Hearts III you are basically being sent the Deluxe edition with the statue arriving in separate packaging unlike something like the FFXVI collectors edition where the statue/contents are all packaged together in one collectors box.

shinoff21835d ago

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Double_O_Revan4d ago

I miss more simple collectors editions. These $300+ Uber editions are getting out of hand. They don't even come with the game, just a code, and sometimes not even that. Yet they come with steel books.

If you want to sell a statue, then just sell a statue.

Sephiroushin4d ago

they do it to f* people like me, i play on pc they dont do statues for pc so i got the ps5 ver that i wont play until it comes to pc and i have to rebuy 🤦🏻

Babadook73d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I got the steel book Deluxe edition of Remake for ps4. I was very happy about it. I don’t know if I will carry the tradition now though. It’s not even a set because they're on different consoles.


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gold_drake6d ago

im glad there is so much to do. i love the qorld of ff7. its just so amazing

but.. i know myself, ill spend so much time exploring that it will take me ages to actually progress haha. i wonder how they balanced the difficulty of the game.