Lies of P is gearing up to be 2023’s best soulslike (The Loadout)

Find out what awaits you in Krat with Neowiz and Round 8 Studio making a fascinating soulslike.

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Flawlessmic106d ago

Jedi survivor has that title.

Played the demo though it seems like it'll be a decent little title, definitely like the theme and the graphics aren't to shabby either. Combat was a bit ehhh for me, but not terrible.

It'll be on gp so I'll get to it at some point though, lots of good games releasing around that time of the year, starfield, spiderman, hopefully forza and a few other titles

Bobertt105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I played the Lies of P demo. It's good but not as good as Bloodborne and has a lot it can improve on. The combat is lacking. There are no running attacks or jumping attacks. There isn't really any stealth aspect for backstabs the enemies can randomly be oblivious even as you kill someone right near them and you can just run from enemy to enemy for backstabs if you come up from behind because they don't seem to hear you when you do a backstab. The heavy attack doesn't do any extra damage and the charging attack is really just for when enemies with more health are open to a groggy effect. The boss is cool but i feel like the dodging could be better especially with most blocks still letting you get damaged. It feels like they want you to focus more on parrying to not take damage and that has been something i didn't like in other games as well because it forces you into a play style instead of letting you come up with different ways to win. I absolutely hate the durability aspect of the weapons too. In the open world you can always find a corner to use the grinder. But in the boss battles it can screw you over because they take a lot of hits so depending on your weapon you will have to try and escape and use the grinder or it will break in the middle of the fight. It feels more like an annoyance than something for difficulty. I also personally don't like the weapon arts because if you use them in a boss fight and die you have to go kill regular enemies for it to refill or you have to waste the consumable. It should refill at the stargazer it messes up the flow of trying to beat the boss when you have to stop each time you die to go grind it back if you used it during the fight.

HeliosHex105d ago

@boberrt. Thanks for the detailed mini review. Was looking forward to this game, now not so much. Hopefully some of your complaints will be ironed out.

Rutaprkl106d ago

I tried the demo, I liked the artstyle and setting but the combat was just too difficult for me. I have no problem with ie Elden Ring but ofc it's easier. Also the level design was a little meh to me.

GoodGuy09106d ago

Played the demo and wow. Really good quality bloodborne knockoff. I typically enjoy most of the souls clones and this seems to be of the highest quality with Nioh.

CBaoth106d ago

don't sleep on Remnant 2. Looks like Gunfire Games got a AAA budget

Viljong106d ago

Before any1 spread any positivity you should know it coming to xbox gamepass day1

shinoff2183106d ago

That's cute. Nice way to try to ignore any downplay.

gleepot106d ago

This only makes it better for me.

GhostScholar106d ago

Since the second I laid eyes on this game it’s just seemed dumb. Nothing about it looks interesting to me. Maybe I’m just tired of souls like games.

shinoff2183106d ago

It looks interesting to me but at the same time not. I'm not much into souls like games. If there was a more sci fi type one I'd have a little more motivation but I'll atleast check the demo and see how I feel.

GhostScholar106d ago

You should try the surge series. It’s my favorite souls like because it is sci fi

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