Like a Dragon World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2023

Watch the Like a Dragon World Premiere Trailer from Summer Game Fest 2023 live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles with host Geoff Keighley. #SummerGameFest

-Foxtrot116d ago

If Kiryu was getting his own game why add him to Like a Dragon 8 as a duel protagonist?

I really liked Ichiban, it's hard to move on but I thought he was great but after they did so well with him they are still pushing Kiryu front and centre rather than slowly transitioning him out. Doesn't the guy deserve a rest after the Song of Life.

neutralgamer1992116d ago

kiryu is yakuza series/like a dagon. I am glad they are focusing on what long time yakuza series fans want more. A brawler with awesome stories. I just didn't get into turned based combat and that's sad because i have played this series for such a long time now(before it was a big series and i am glad yakuza 0 brought it the attention)

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21116d ago


Not to diminish your opinion but I could careless for ichiban lol . I for one like Yagami and his side of towns characters and would like to see more of them over ichiban all day. Im just glad Kiryu is still getting some love .

RedDevils116d ago

Kiryu is always known for Yakuza. Ichiban was fun, but should only be a filler.

CDbiggen116d ago

The guy needs a decent ending for a change

-Foxtrot115d ago

Exactly I thought the Song of Life was a nice ending for him

It’s like you give him a sort of ending and then he’s suddenly back.

Tankbusta40115d ago

Who doesn't want more Kiryu???????

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P_Bomb115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Is this canon, or elseworlds like Ishin/Dead Souls?


Like a Dragon Gaiden Reveals Familiar Characters & Sidequests

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il-JumperMT7d ago

TIL: All of sony data is 6k files. guess they use flat files for everything hahaha


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Gets a Release Date; RPG Gameplay Confirmed

Sega announced the release date of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which is confirmed as an RPG. Like a Dragon Gaiden also got a new trailer showing the opening cutscene.

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shinoff218313d ago

Still a shame about being digital only. Another game I would've supported at full price , now I'll support it on a cheap sale. General rule no digital purchases over 20 dollars

VersusDMC12d ago

Infinite wealth has physical in the west and while Gaiden doesn't have physical in the west you can get a physical asia copy that has an English option from playasia

shinoff218312d ago

Thank you so much versus, I wasn't aware of that and tbh I thought they were the same, just being called different names sort of like how I still call it yakuza even though they dropped it

CrimsonWing6912d ago

My god this looks absolutely fantastic!!! Can’t wait!

andy8512d ago

Oh jeez 2 massive like a dragon games released in 2 months 😂 I hope there isn't burnout. Absolutely love this series

RhinoGamer8812d ago

Day one for me, the Like a Dragon design pivot really grabbed my undivided attention.