Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Gameplay Trailer

Free Range Games and North Beach Games Delve Deep into the Fourth Age of Middle-earth™ with a First Look at the Survival Crafting Gameplay Narrated by Legend...

CBaoth117d ago

So they follow up the "we all knew it would suck" Gollum game with a survival RTS lite game featuring the least seen race in LotR, the dwarves. I mean are the curators of Tolkien's legacy trying to bury the property? Why can't these companies ever manage their IPs well?

sadraiden117d ago

WB makes 3 incredible LOTR movies and oversees a sea of mid to decent LOTR games. Make billions of dollars. Decide to make 3 more movies with the original production team. Movies suck. Sell LOTR to Amazon. Amazon makes mid to sucky TV show with bad production design. Most people hate it. Sell LOTR to Embracer. Oversee the development of the worst LOTR game ever produced. Announce 4 more LOTR games. There's definitely far more bad LOTR stuff than good LOTR stuff now.

PapaBop117d ago

"There's definitely far more bad LOTR stuff than good LOTR stuff now."

Nah, there are a fair few of Tolkien's unfinished works that were released edited by his son which are great reads that flew under the radar. Still, it raises huge red flags imho, Tolkien's legacy deserves better than this garbage.

closed_account117d ago

At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Tom Bombadil got his own singing/dancing rhythm game, Forest Beats.

PapaBop117d ago

The combat in this game looks about 10-15 years out of date. No wonder they barely showcased it.

Workshyskiver117d ago

What a great idea for use of the IP and should have provided plenty of opportunity to make a brilliant and interesting game. What they have shown however looks absolutely horrendous.

Duke19117d ago

The entire premise of Gollum looked like shit, and ended up being shit.

This concept COULD be cool, but this presentation just looks ROUGH. Fully expecting another undercooked title sadly

As a HUGE LOTR fan, its a shame because Id be close to buying on name alone here, but not when the game looks like that

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