Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Arrives Only on PS5 October 20, Collector’s & Digital Deluxe Editions Detailed

Pre-Order starting June 16th

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RaidenBlack115d ago

The Venom design looks great!
Can't wait for more Venom footage ...
the Summer Game Fest as a whole was really good

itsmebryan115d ago

I can't wait to play this on my PC!

pitythefool115d ago

In the year 2026 ?

Yeah that’s just around the corner.

cbuc1125115d ago

Keep hoping and begging.

itsmebryan115d ago

"Hoping and praying"? The other 2 Spiderman are on PC within 2 years with enhancements. Do think this won't come out on PC?

Sonic1881116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Can't wait

Lightning77116d ago

Called it. I freakin called it. October it is.

-Foxtrot116d ago


F*** sake Sony, stop this shit

Once again you get a steelbook aswel…

Jesus man

The whole point of a collectors edition is the physical side of it

darthv72116d ago

I know... and yet people will buy it. My son is one of them as he has the digital 5 but is a big SM fan. Me... I'll just get the regular disc edition and pick up a steelbook later on.

-Foxtrot116d ago

I'd be careful because these kind of steelbooks can end up going for a lot of money on their own you know if you decide to pick them up later on sites like eBay.

Most would just go

"It's annoying but whatever, I'll get the limited edition and grab the steelbook"

However you can't do that because Sony is basically forcing you to buy the expensive digital only edition for the steelbook since they aren't doing a Limited Edition what they did for Horizon Forbidden West.

dumahim116d ago

Can't use cross-gen as an excuse for the apologists anymore.

-Foxtrot116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

The excuse apparently now, and I don't know if it's something Sony said or just the die hard fanbase but it's because it allows gamers who bought the digital only PS5 to not "miss out" on getting it.

It's bullshit because if you bought a digital only PS5 then you clearly don't like clutter so what good is something most digital only fans see as "pointless crap".

Also why would a digital only gamer want a Steelbook which is meant to house a physical disc.

darkrider116d ago

They are sad and still try to find excuses. But what matters is the game is coming and it got double of the city size.

dumahim116d ago


There's so many better things they could be doing here, and chose none of them. Things like not including the steelbook at all, sell the game separately from the CE (which I also hate, but it's still better than this) or sell two different versions. I seriously doubt they have to worry about making too many and not selling out of them right away.

darthv72116d ago

Maybe... and this is a big maybe. Best buy has a habit of commissioning steelbooks for games that dont ordinarily get them. in this case, it can only be found in the digital deluxe but what is to say that bestbuy cant get hold of the same mfg and get a slew of them made for them to give away with each retail copy of the base game? I got my halo infinite steel with the base game from them, and it was the same steel that was included with the deluxe edition. Same with steels for cyberpunk and lego star wars.

I will keep some optimism that someone will be selling the same steel by itself or with the base game as a promo. If not then i know a seller on ebay that makes the exact same ones for big releases like horizon and the first SM game. Mine is not from the CE, it was from ebay and looks the same as the CE one.

__SteakDeck__116d ago ShowReplies(1)
Limitedtimestruggle116d ago

Yeah these are trash CE's for sure. They keep pushing this shit, so my guess is that people actually buy them...

Tacoboto115d ago

Sony is playing both publisher and retailer for these Collector's Edition too.

As much as I appreciate digital and its convenience, I would've preferred my Ragnarok Jötnar Edition be physical, and Sony playing both roles means they have no reason to not offer a Game: Digital or Physical checkbox on PS Direct.

Remember a month back how you had to go into an actual Comic retailer to get the Free Comic Day prequel for Spider-Man 2? They'll do physical for that!

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P_Bomb116d ago

Love that statue! Could be my first collectors ed in ages.