Baldur’s Gate 3: Jason Isaacs takes over the city of Baldur’s Gate

A politician raised by a devil. What could go wrong? Please welcome Jason Isaacs to the cast of Baldur's Gate 3 as Lord Enver Gortash.

anast107d ago

Most CRPGs are broken on console, but Larian did a solid job in DOS2, so I'll probably day 1 this.

RaidenBlack107d ago

Too bad, very few people are talking about this new entry in the iconic franchise ...
No doubt Larian would a stellar job


Interview with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil

Forza is the best racing game. Xbox will continue to work hard to create Japanese titles.

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crazyCoconuts1d 10h ago

I wonder how the gamers in Tokyo feel after Phil's email came out about how much he'd like to buy Nintendo.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 9h ago

Nintendo is probably laughing rn since they're winning and doing amazing my friend XD.

fr0sty4h ago

"Forza is the best racing game. Sure, it has fewer tracks and no VR, but it's better. Promise."

Einhander19722h ago


And it's cars and tracks cost money and there is a battle pass, but it's better.

Abriael1d 7h ago

I'm in Tokyo right now, and I can pretty much promise you that the vast majority of gamers in Tokyo don't give a flying F about that.

Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago

Probably because the vast majority don’t even know about it.

StormSnooper4h ago

They are trying. they will buy anyone they can.

Jin_Sakai6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I’m sure they wouldn’t want Nintendo owned by a Western mega corporation that can’t even figure out what to do with their own gaming division.

porkChop7h ago

Outside of places like this no one really cares that much. Anyone with some common sense knows it ain't happening. Nintendo's investors would never go for it, and regulators would never approve it. No console manufacturer will be able to buy another. Even if MS were to go software-only, with Bethesda and ABK they'd be way too big to allow that purchase.

The most we'll likely see is further collaboration between the two. Maybe a bespoke version of Game Pass to stream games that otherwise aren't available for purchase on Nintendo systems. Or maybe Nintendo will use Azure to revamp its online infrastructure.

S2Killinit5h ago

Fu€k spinster and his company

StormSnooper4h ago

at this point, I don't blame you. MS really showed us they cannot be trusted.

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purple1011d 8h ago

Oh boy.
. Here we go.

3 bags of microwave popcorn at-the-ready

purple1011d 8h ago

Here's a gem

"First, regarding PC Game Pass, since it is on the same PC platform as Steam, we believe that it provides users with a choice. The choice of which library to build is left to the user's discretion."

I've heard this term before from him..."build a library"

Only your comparing steam to gamepass. On gamepass once you stop paying your library is gone so not really a library like steam which you can always go bac, to play your purchases built over thr years, without paying a penny more.

Saying gamepass is a library implies this, but as we know, it's nothing like this.

Keep using this word 'library' sits wong with me.
It's a collection. A library in something you can reference and go back to to look at your dusty booka you loved as a child. With gamepass m$ can yank any title, at will and throw it in the bin,

No one would do that in my library.!

ApocalypseShadow1d 8h ago

Of course. With Phil it's 10 percent truth and 90 percent lie.

It's like you said, stop paying and you play nothing because with game pass, you own nothing. There's no library.

Only truth was that it's on PC and a choice between it and Steam.

Lightning7711h ago

You mean like how all Subscriptions work? You think you get to keep all those PSN+ games after you unsubscribe? Netflix Hulu, you still think you get to watch movies after unsubscribe?

"Only truth was that it's on PC and a choice between it and Steam."

Which is exactly what he just said and exactly what he meant. Congrats you read it but failed the comprehension (so close). Either have GP library or build it on PC or steam since games hit day one their.

Sonic18818h ago

5 percent truth and 95 percent lie. But Jim Ryan lies a lot too. They both can go imo

Lightning7711h ago

Gee it's almost like Xbox games release on Steam day and date and ppl can build their xbox games library on Steam. A choice of which library to build. Either on GP in which yes you pay for or Steam a PC games platform where they pay full price for games.

That was easy another failed gotcha moment on your part.

purple10110h ago

Gamepass is not a library in the true honest sense though. That's why it sits wrong with me.. your steam library is a library though.. point still stands.

Lightning778h ago

Being concerned over what's a library and what's not in your own weird definition is weird thing to be "concerned" about.

You're just doing what you always do Complain just to complain about absolutely nothing at all.

purple1018h ago

Library definition

COMPUTING subsect:

"a collection of programs and software packages made generally available, often loaded and stored on disk for immediate use."

8h ago
outsider16243h ago

He's right though. GP isnt a library. PS plus as well. They're just collections. Only steam is because you can go back and forth to download your games which you bought without having to worry about them leaving from your library.

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Popsicle7h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I have rented books from the library. GamePass is similar in that it is a rental service, no?

Chevalier4h ago

Except library books are free and available to everyone. Gamepass isn't available to everyone and cost money. So not the same.

Profchaos3h ago

Will the library take away books after 6 months because the contract with the book publisher has lapsed.