John Carpenter's Toxic Commando - Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2023

Buddy-movie vibes meet over-the-top action in this frenzied co-op FPS powered by Saber's Swarm Engine.

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Saber Interactive are thrilled to reveal John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando, coming in 2024 to Xbox Series X|S. Tag team with up to four players in this intense first-person shooter and battle massive hordes of mutated monstrosities to eradicate a supernatural outbreak before it's too late.

Watch the exhilarating Reveal Trailer, which premiered at the Summer Game Fest Live Showcase, for a first taste of the game’s over-the-top gameplay and John Carpenter-inspired 80’s vibes, packed with action, humor and horror.

-Foxtrot177d ago

I didn't think this seemed John Carpenter like at all to be honest

I thought someone would have locked him down for a single player driven cinematic game that feels "film like" similar to how Uncharted captures films such as Indiana Jones or the Mummy.

Imagine a single player survival horror game similar to the Thing or an action adventure game similar to Big Trouble in Little China.

darthv72177d ago

Escape from New York would make for a great game.

isarai177d ago

Exactly my thoughts, like maybe he helped with the script? but nothing about anything else is even remotely John Carpenter.

hotnickles177d ago

If that’s all it was I’d still welcome it. He’s the director of yore that didn’t care about any of the trivial modern crap. He made toxic characters by todays standards lol. Like they live hobo piper, one of my favorite characters ever. He just tells fun stories with good music.

I understand why they played Van Halen or whatever because it’s a recognizable song from his era. Hopefully that means he will be creating the score as well.

anast177d ago

I would be all over the Thing.

shinoff2183177d ago

I seen toxic and automatically went to toxic avenger. Damn. Id still love to see a toxic avenger game someday new wise , and I'd really love to see captain planet open world I think that could be done real well.

Sorry for the off topic ness

anast177d ago

That would be awesome. TROMA films are fun.

anast177d ago

Duct tape John Carpenter's name to the front of an FPS and ship it out...

hotnickles177d ago

Carpenter movies are some of my favs. He’s a hell of a composer as well. I would love to see how involved he is with these. I’d welcome him fully into the game space.

KingofBandits176d ago

looks very boring and typical of games like it. maybe it will be fun despite that still I'm not seeing what makes this John Carpenter...

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dnawesum176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

No. It'll live or die on its gameplay and performance.


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Focus Home Entertainment and Saber Interactive have partnered again to create the co-op first-person shooter John Carpenter's Toxic Commando.

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anast176d ago

The title of this game should be: "A Generic FPS with a Cool Name."

S2Killinit176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Somehow it looks likes fun. Although, the game mechanics are looking too call of duty