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Microsoft would buy Valve 'if opportunity arises,' said Phil Spencer in leaked email

But its prime target was Nintendo, according to a 2020 email leaked during the FTC v Microsoft trial.

Sonic188122h ago

Microsoft is getting exposed big time. Now I know why FTC tried to block them

-Foxtrot20h ago

Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed

Obscure_Observer19h ago


"Yet despite the insane about of power hungry evidence…they still failed"

And will continue to fail as long as they put interest of a Multibillionaire companies like Sony, first, over consumer´s interest.

-Foxtrot18h ago

Sony? We’re talking about Microsoft man

The biggest deflect I’ve seen…

solideagle3h ago

lol Obscure, what about trillion dollar company over billion dollar company?

tagzskie1h ago

@foxtrot yeah too many evidence and still pass, Now im curious whose the judge handling the case of acrivision.. And next time i wish the trial is live stream just like amber and johny depp so all the people can see..

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MrDead22h ago

And we now know there is no consumer protection to stop it. MS is the worst thing to happen to gaming.

Obscure_Observer19h ago

No, it´s not. It´s business as usual.

You´re here complaining on every Xbox article, and behind the scenes you´re still supporting Microsoft by given them money while help them to achieve their goals!

MrDead19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Hey, it's my new stalker, how are you doing today? I see your not coping well with this news, maybe stay off the internet today, go outside and play in the park.

Your logic is to punish MS buy not buying Bethesda games, who do you think comes off worse in that situation, Bethesda or MS?

The fanboy is strong in this one, the Midi-chlorians are off the charts!

5h ago
cthulhucultist1h ago

Just leave it to rest Obscure.

It is now abundantly clear that MS, given time and permission, would buy most third party publishers in order to outspend and remove the competition.

If this is something that you feel its ok or business as usual, then unfortunately you are not as genuine gamer as you claim to be.

It is in our best interest to stop these practices as the consolidation of the market will lock many people into ecosystems and previously enjoyed multiplayer games will be released exclusively under subscriptions.

Doesnt matter who does it (MS, Sony, Nintendo,Tescent Amazon etc), it only matters that we accelerate this process by not condoning such actions and by not voting with our wallets.

I cant believe that you support this attitude.

gold_drake1h ago

you're are absolutely right, it is business, but if said business is playing monopoly with a sort unending supply of money, it reeks corruption.

as if MS doesnt have enough of it already.

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Obscure_Observer12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

"Your logic is to punish MS buy not buying Bethesda games, who do you think comes off worse in that situation, Bethesda or MS?"

In case you forgot, Bethesda IS Microsoft since 2021!

My logic is not to punish any gaming company, publisher or studio. I´m a gamer and I have love for games.

But if you hate and despise a company that make you games, your actions should speak louder than your mouth.

It´s simple, If you hate Microsoft and fear that they´re destroying gaming, why would you support them with your money in the first place.

It´s not just about Bethesda games, it´s about ALL of the Xbox games.

Do not expect to be here claiming that MS is the cancer of gaming while giving them your money while expecting people to not call you out on your hypocrisy.

Jim Sakai can be a pain in butt but a least I respect him, because he had the balls to sell his Xbox Series X to never support Microsoft ever again.

He´s a man of his word and not some hypocrite clown.

MrDead10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

So you think people boycotting Bethesda games won't effect Bethesda... go out and touch some grass, you're obviously not handling MS's dirty washing being out in public well and are lashing out. Get a grip.

Obscure_Observer6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

"So you think people boycotting Bethesda games won't effect Bethesda.."

No, it won´t.

Bethesda is no longer a self-funded, independent publisher.

Be their games successful or total failure (Redfall), MS will be the one dealing with potential loses.

Proof is Arkane Austin having their next AAA project greenlit by Phil Spencer right after Redfall´s disastrous launch.

So you can´t stop and pretend to be concerned over Bethesda future, without you supporting the company that you hate.

"go out and touch some grass, you're obviously not handling MS's dirty washing being out in public well and are lashing out. Get a grip"

Why? Are you crazy, dude? Most of the leaks are VERY positive news for Xbox gamers, not so much for the competition, I give you that, but overall great news for Xbox gamers. Let me break down for you:

More and NEW AAA game from Bethesda (who would tell)

The Oblivion remaster
Doom Year Zero and DLC
The Fallout 3 remaster
A sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo
Dishonored 3

New Xbox Series X digital only model (Original Xbox Series X owners like myself won´t feel fuc#%& by some mid-gen refreshed console)
New *Sense* controller - which will be nothing but awesome for both Xbox and PS5 owners since more developers will provide support for haptics feedback.

VALVE? I´m all for an Half Life 3, but I do understand that the PC community won´t like MS taking over an enforcing some of their crap policy over STEAM. Yes, Gabe has a great relationship with Microsoft but I can´t see him allowing his company to be acquired by them, so, it´s definitely not happening imo.

Nintendo? Even Phil recognizes that it would be an almost impossible task. Not gonna happen.

Did I miss something?

Please, enlighten me on what should I be concerned or upset about MS´s leaked (again) FTC documents?

Vengeance113822h ago

Shouldn't the title read "Microsoft would buy every gaming company in the industry if opportunity arose". ?

Sonic188122h ago

But they already started with Bethesda and Activision 🤔 I don't see them stopping anytime soon

Sonic188118h ago(Edited 18h ago)


It would eventually lead to a monopoly in the game industry. CMA and FTC would definitely have a strong case against them. I have a feeling it will lead towards that way. It's just a matter of time. FTC probably wanted these leaks to come out to show Microsoft true intentions to the world but it was Microsoft own fault that leaked the information. Microsoft put it on themselves. Have your popcorn ready.

GoodGuy0920h ago

Oh God no lol. They're really trying to monopolize

Number1TailzFan6h ago

Steam is making Gabe a fortune, and besides Gabe has stated multiple times he's not a fan of closed environment consoles. I doubt he'd be interested in selling up so I think there's little to worry about.

Outside_ofthe_Box19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Such an 'aggressive competitor' they are.