Prince of Persia The Lost Crown - Reveal Gameplay Trailer

Get a first glimpse of gameplay of the new Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Immerse yourself in rich and vibrant environments as you accompany Sargon on his epic journey. Discover the perfect blend of parkour, combat and puzzle-solving that characterises the Prince of Persia series.

-Foxtrot117d ago

Got excited…then I saw it was 2D

I wouldn’t mind but the remake has restarted development and could be years off.

I just feel they are putting the bare minimum into the series

LordoftheCritics117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I got excited seeing a new image.

Then I read your comment.

RaidenBlack116d ago

Didn't like the music choice or the dreadlock design choice ... but other than that, looks really good ... has the indication to become one of the better games that Ubi's been putting out ...

darthv72117d ago

Looks like... strider... in the sand

shinoff2183117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

2d games are still dope. Bloodstained , dex , axiom verge, and 100s throughout the years. I just named a few I really enjoyed

Although I think I know what you mean, like alot of us were expecting a 3d one

-Foxtrot117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

It's not to say 2D games are bad, it's just Ubisoft being Ubisoft and the fact it looks like a mobile game

RaidenBlack116d ago

Not 2D per se ... more like a 3D side-scroller

S2Killinit117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Ok. Not bad. I really would have wanted a full fledged one but this is cool too.

Stanjara117d ago

This and Mirage? Omg so good!
Is Ubisoft coming back?
For me yes!

neutralgamer1992117d ago

I think many hope you are right but let’s wait for releases instead of again buying into trailer or little gameplay hype

Mirage looks good and POP looks amazing but keep expectations in check because of how greedy publishers have been recently

I_am_Batman117d ago

I love Prince of Persia (in particular the PS2 trilogy), but this left me cold. Might just be the terrible trailer music. Sometimes I wonder if the people involved in reviving old franchises even understand what they're working on.

Tacoboto117d ago

I agree - this game looks fun, and Mirage looks like a solid return to the OG style of AC.

Hopefully they play as well as their gameplay can look in short trailers, though.

zarbor117d ago

This look perfect for my Switch lite. Right next to Metroid Dread. Hopefully this Prince game is in the ball park.

DeusFever116d ago

Maybe it will come to phones too.

Abnor_Mal117d ago

At first thought it was The Sands of Time, but nope, still looks cool.

I like the 2D look that harkens back to the original games.