Bleak Sword DX Review: Pixelated Punishment | Hey Poor Player

Bleak Sword DX is an absolute treat that takes the core pillars of the soulslike genre and distills them into a wonderfully moreish, action-packed adventure.

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Review: Bleak Sword's brisk pace is its greatest asset - Entertainium

Bleak Sword is quick and to the point. Sometimes that's all you need.

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Bleak Sword DX Review – Are You Ready to Die | The Outerhaven

Bleak Sword DX Review - Venture into a dark world and destroy increasingly horrifying creatures, only wielding fierce weaponry & powerful magic.

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Review - Bleak Sword DX (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Oliver Shellding: "Bleak Sword DX wants you to hate it and hate yourself, and it’s gotten an online degree in loathing from the University of Phoenix. It’s the embittered spirit of a Dickensian orphan crammed into a child’s puzzle manufactured in a Soviet-era toy factory. It’s a Soulslike without soul, just pain and the word “progress” spray painted and misspelled on a truck coming to run you over. It’s an Apple Arcade game that lets iPhone users find even more reasons to be angry, and it came to the world to inspire everyone to just give up. It’s tight in execution, just like a noose, but without the satisfying release after you say the safe word. It’s as grim as it should be and unapologetic, and that’s admirable. Just walk into Bleak Sword DX and accept your punishment."

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