Report: Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC Price Surfaces

The Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC price has seemingly leaked online from an online retailer.

anast108d ago

I'm getting this expansion. I can't wait to get back in this game.

raWfodog108d ago

Haven’t played CP2077 yet but I’ll wait until they come out with the inevitable ‘complete’ edition and I’ll get it then.

DivineHand125108d ago

I am not sure I can recommend you do this. Cyberpunk 2077 is not a short game. If you are interested in finding all the secrets and completing all the side quests, it is going to take more than 60 hours. While I do agree that waiting for the complete edition is the best deal, we don't know how years in the future that will be. It is possible you may be waiting until the end of this current generation.

shinoff2183108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Bingo , that's another good point. I'd like to have it complete. I really hope it comes out virtually bug free. One can hope.

Divinehamd25, the complete edition will probably be available once this dlc is ready. It's probably gonna be the only one if I had to guess

raWfodog108d ago

Oh I’m perfectly alright with that. I have a huge backlog of games that I still have yet to dive in. Currently playing the Nioh 2 Remaster Complete edition (500+ hours so far) and that’s a three-year old game. I still have yet to play Horizon:FW and God of War Ragnarok and a slew of other games so I’m in no rush for CP2077 at this point.

ChiefofLoliPolice107d ago

You getting on PC? I swear Path tracing with this game is a sight to behold.

senorfartcushion107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

It was rightfully abused by fans and critics. It was sold as one thing and redeveloped as a live service game. Cdpr’s head is even quoted saying (and I’m paraphrasing) “this is not what to expect when purchasing a live service game from a company.” And “this is not what to expect when making a live service game.”

They also told interviewers that the game had only a 3 year development cycle, as opposed to the 8 years previously confirmed.

It was very corporate, considering How much CDPR liked to tweet niceties about being “transparent.” Clearly they caught the same low-stage cancer as every other studio.

anast107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I do the same with AC games. I wait for the complete edition and when they go on deep sales. But I like the cyberpunk genre and table-top, so I got into the game early broken and all.

neutralgamer1992107d ago

I will get the complete edition when it eventually comes out. But keep in mind those complete editions are full priced

So get the cyberpunk 2077 now for under $15 and get this dlc when it comes out. Cheaper to enjoy both and down the road when complete edition is under $20 buy it you keep it in your collection

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Vengeance1138108d ago

Wonder if CDPR learned their lesson, is this current gen only or will last gen versions be a mess?

Nitrowolf2108d ago

Current gen only, they ditched last gen

shinoff2183108d ago

I think they came out and said that when news broke of the dlc.

shinoff2183108d ago

I beat it when it when it first released , and platinumed it. Despite the bad state it was in I enjoyed it. It was a gift so I felt obligated to an extent. Had fun though. Might run through the game on ps5 one more time before I get into the dlc. Give them a minute to fix anything they may need to lol. Fun game though. I still would've liked a 3rd person view mode or whatever but fun.

Mr_cheese107d ago

I had a glitch on one mission that prevented a single trophy for the platinum and couldn't bring myself to restart the game for it on ps4 :(

anast107d ago

The PS4 version was rough. The PS5 version is looking nice, but the NPC AI is a major let down.

dumahim107d ago

Yeah, same for me. Probably know which one you're talking about. There was another one, might have been an unlisted one with a bike in the garage. I think I tripped it going by it one time but didn't investigate it so when I came back it didn't work.

I had fun with how powerful you could get at max level, but they rebalanced that stuff in the patches.

I replayed on PS5 and it's in much better shape, but I still think there's so much that could be improved.

Mr_cheese107d ago

It was one where you had to deposit all your things before going into a club and then retrieve them on the way out and it wouldn't let me retrieve them!

gerbintosh108d ago

$34.99 for the DLC. Whole article not needed

anast107d ago

Most of these sites are just spaces for adverts. Similar to a free to play game or any other heavily monetized game, the writing is secondary.

Demetrius107d ago

Will we have more interiors or more locked doors I swear that was annoying AF, I might give cyberpunk another try cause at first it felt too shallow little to nothing to do in the game, the world they crafted is too pretty for just roaming round I thought it would a had more interiors with secret dialogue and secret type events smh

anast107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Most likely not. We will have to wait for CP2. I hear you though, they could have just added loading screens for some of the stuff. It wouldn't have been ideal, but at least there would be more stuff to do.

Nerdmaster107d ago

"There's nothing to do when walking around" is a common complaint, but I fail to see this as a big thing when most (all?) open games have this same problem, and to make things worse they almost always happen in forests or rural areas so there's also nothing interesting to see on top of having nothing to do. In Cyberpunk I may not be able to shop at every "store" or enter every building, but walking or driving around is so much more exciting that I hardly ever use the fast travel option.
But I may be biased on liking a metropolis vibe. I chose to live in Tokyo, after all.