Xbox Starfield Controller Price Might Upset Some Fans

The limited edition Xbox Starfield controller appears to be the real deal, but its price tag might very well upset fans.

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SullysCigar115d ago

The price isn't yet formally announced, but it's 90 euros in France, where the standard one is 60. Price will be announced at showcase, probably.

Why does it appear to have an LGBTQ flag in the middle of the controller?

purple101115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Fun fact Atari had been using the rainbow colours or their gaming logo for years before it was even cool


VenomUK114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

@SullysCigar & @Asplundh - The emblem does have multiple colours but it's not, I don't think, the LGBTQ flag which has green in it. It will likely appear in game perhaps as the logo of a group such as Constellation.

rlow1114d ago

Yeah but back then it wasn’t associated with any political movements. It was just some cool colors that no one thought twice about.

redrum06113d ago

@Asplundh jesus christ, how insecure could you be about some colors man, bit of a homophobe aren't ya?

sadraiden113d ago


nothing political about celebrating pride. It's protected speech. North American countries have solidified it into their constitutions. It's political to protest pride, to advocate for the removal of a right.

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darthv72115d ago

Its not related to lgb anything. sometimes rainbows are just rainbows. in this case it is the faction colors. you can see it in various points of the marketing material shown. Pretty sure nobody is claiming dark side of the moon is an lgb album now because of the rainbow light from a prism.

SullysCigar114d ago

Why you gotta be like that? It was just an observation. And why bring up a Pink Floyd album from like 1970 before the movement even existed? "sometimes rainbows are just rainbows" - not really, not anymore, except for the ones in the sky!

The swastika was an ancient Indian religious symbol of divinity and spirituality, but people don't see it that way any longer, because someone else claimed it. I forget who...

Neonridr114d ago

@Sully - the Hinduism Swastika is right facing. The version appropriated and used by the Nazis faces the opposite direction.

SullysCigar114d ago

^ I'm afraid you're mistaken, @Neon, the direction of of both are right facing. The Hindus also use a left facing one, although it's less common and means something different. Don't take my word for it, look it up. My point is that the use of symbols changes - and none more drastic than the swastika.

Neonridr114d ago

@Sully - fair enough, there are both facing in various cultures, however I believe the Nazi's are the only one to have theirs angled on the 45 degree. I'm no history expert though.

EvertonFC114d ago

"Pretty sure nobody is claiming dark side of the moon is an lgb album now because of the rainbow light from a prism"

Pmsl, I know what tomorrow's articles will be now 🤣😂

S2Killinit114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Personally, I wish that the rainbow symbol was not adopted by the lgbtq+ because I find myself avoiding anything with the rainbow symbol even if I like it. Nothing against gay people on my side but wearing a rainbow now makes a statement that one is homosexual (with everything that might entail) so I pretty much feel like Im prevented to wear anything with this originally universal symbol. Ehh maybe one day everyone can be who they are without being judged.

I like the controller btw

crazyCoconuts114d ago

This thread is entertaining my twisted mind, thank you.
I wonder what if some horrible group happened to co-opt the rainbow before anyone else. Would we point to the sky when we saw one and go "ewwww!!!" lol
More on topic, I'd default to think the rainbow tied to Starfield's cover art or something but I don't see any rainbows in their cover art so far. Nothing is final yet though I guess - maybe there's a real game reference vs. shameless virtue signalling

JEECE114d ago

So what you are saying is there isn't a rainbow connection?

darthv72114d ago

^^someday... we'll find it

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Neonridr114d ago

it's related to the starfield logo, which has the same 4 colors present.


darthv72114d ago

3 of the 4 are also the ABXY button colors.

shinoff2183114d ago

People making something out of nothing. Thank you

frostypants114d ago

Looks more like a highly unfortunate 1970s color scheme

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neutralgamer1992114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Looks like a retro themed controller. I will try to get 2. These things sometimes go for crazy prices in the 2nd hand market. Like that forza horizon controller and Xbox anniversary controller

I rather pay MS $90 than someone on eBay $190.

Christopher114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

TIL that rainbows are now owned by one group.

Edit: And it's likely the emblem/colors of a faction in the game.

CantThinkOfAUsername114d ago

It's not LGBTQ. It's the Constellation logo (main faction in the game).

Strange99114d ago

“Why does it appear to have an LGBTQ flag in the middle of the controller?”

Because the thumbsticks go both ways.

Orpheo113d ago

If I had the spare scratch and needed an X-Box Series controller, I would TOTALLY buy this one. I know nothing of "Starfield," but the controller looks SUPER RETRO, like a modern peripheral created for a vintage system. :)

sadraiden113d ago

Rainbows are a crucial motif in 70s camp sci fi.

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frostypants114d ago

If you're buying a controller specifically for cheesy game tie-in art, you're not likely smart with your money, and they are exploiting that.

neomahi114d ago

That's the most logical, intelligent, and well thought response I've heard in a while. I'd shake your hand if I could. It makes sense

Notellin114d ago

I hope yours is sarcasm.