Slimmer PS3 on the Way

It's no surprise to hear that Sony's already working on the next gen PS3, but rumor has it that the new PS3 will have a dramatically different design from its current incarnation, shedding loads of that initial baby fat for a nice svelte profile. Sony Japan says that they're expected to transition to 45-nm chips by 2008.

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TheMART4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

Already? So they admit the first one is a failure overall? Bigger then the 360, first saying the 360 is too big? Too funny


-Stares at the best versions of multiplatform games running on the 360, the ultimate game console-

-Stares at a bluray player aka PS3, which wants to be a gameconsole but can't due to the wrong hardware-


big_tim4898d ago

But hey, Sony tends to be the only console maker that slims down it consoles. As you recall it happened to the PS1 and PS2. Is that a bad thing? NO. It means that the innards get smaller and they CAN do it so they do it. I wish MS would have done that to the original XBOX, but hey you can't get what you want all the time.

Mart.. Please come up with fresh compelling statements instead of the same old stale comments.

dantesparda4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

Hm, so if the PS3 is not a real game console, but rather a Bluray disc player, then what does that say about the 360? (that according to you is a real game console). I mean after all the 360 games are not leaps and bounds better than the PS3's but rather just marginally better. So that means that your beloved 360 aint that great of a game system if a bluray disc player can pretty much match it.

And the other argument that is just as stupid, is the belief that if bluray doesnt make it/win the format wars, then your PS3 is dead. Now this is really really stupid. Because if bluray does lose that fight, it still wouldnt really matter because games will still be mmade for it and they will still be on bluray discs. I mean unless you bought the PS3 just for the bluray disc player capabilities, it really doesnt matter. And even if you did, then at least you still got one of the best prices for a bluray player at the time. Thereby meaning that you took one of the safest routes into bluray. And guess what, you can still use it to play games, therefore not rendering it useless. So fanboys give it a rest, because you's sound real stupid making that argument. But i know that you's will continue too, as it is one of your talking points. And this video game war has just become politics, with all the wingsnuts!

And go ahead fanboys take my bubbles, it just shows what pathetic losers you's really are, and you just cant take it, and cant handle the truth! and remember, i am no Sony fanboy, and have never own a Sony system, but rather i own a 360 and i stayed out all night for it in the rain on a cold November night on the launch date, so go ahead, hate on me for not sweating the system like you's.

And p.s. Mart, you used to have better arguments/points, and now you are just sounding more and more irrationable. Word of advice, just stay on message, and keep repeating your tired old lines.

DJ4898d ago

-stares at slimline PS2-


GaMr-4898d ago

READS DJ'S POST...(Knows exactly what he's thinking) Bursts out laughing hysterically. ahahahahahaha (Its ok bro...somtimes I have a hardtime believing the things that comes out of that guys arse)

Shadow Flare4898d ago

HAHA! ah, the simpliest comments are the best. DJ you told him good

dragunrising4898d ago

I appreciate both of you guys. DJ is pro-Sony all the way and TheMart is Peter Moore ver 2. Hearing the both of you gives these forums balance in a way impossible than without you. I tend to agree with TheMart however in terms of the Xbox being the best console and all; sometimes his comments are a little cheesy but he is telling the truth. DJ would have you believe the PS3 makes your waffles in the morning. Keep it up guys!

dantesparda4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

I told you's DJ and Mart are each others counterpart. And your right that Mart does just sound like a marketing guy and that DJ to me is a super spinner, and can put a positive spin on anything and man is he good at it, and the guy never cracks under pressure. All the 360 fanboys can be attacking him, and he'll never respond with anything bad to say about them. I gotta say he is a better man than me for it, cuz im from the streets and im a brawler
you say some sh!t to me and im ready to kill you, but i've learned to tone it down some. But its in my nature, so it hard to squash. I just dont take no sh!t from nobody. But seriously folks when is all this childish bickering gonna stop? ever? Nah, i doubt. Ok, let the wars continue, fanboys take your positions

dragunrising4898d ago

Seriously guys, we need to grow up or people will always think of gamers as immature little boys. Its ok to like one console or another and its ok to let it show a little but not like some people do. I admit that I hate Sony, but if they made a game I was interested in (Lair) I might come over to the dark side. When are people going to admit that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony don't "care" about you. They care about your money. The only difference are their corporate policies and PR. You can love them or hate them for that. If they make great games you should pat them on the back and give them a pay day.

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Boink4898d ago

that thing is a beast...

Arkham4898d ago

Yeah, a Sexy Beast. Better than the half-chewed Jelly Nougat look of another console. http://www.vermontcountryst...

Black Republican4898d ago

only thing i can really say is that, ps3 fan boys have talked crap about a new version of a xbox
now this, and not just the look (case) also the inside of course...
i think anything ps3 fans trash about the 360, can be said about their precious ps3

Marriot VP4898d ago

Well sure, a slimmer one should be on the way. Why not.

I just don't think it'll be by the end of this year. More like end of 2008.