Diablo 4 Is Forcing Me To Get Two Copies, And I Hate It

The bizarre omission of couch co-op on PC suddenly makes a lot more sense.

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just_looken118d ago

yeah another thing old consoles could do but we cant anymore heck the ps1 had that triangle connector 4 player split screen.

You think on pc we could duel screen our games player one screen on player 2 screen 2 running off same hardware.

I know my pc can run multiple games at once i am sure alot of rigs out there can so running 2 diablo 4's then loading in together should be allowed but oh no can not have that.

2 computers 2 copies greed is so high now for any company.

Apple has a company worth higher than many countries yet they say 3500 for a tv headset is a great deal ugh off topic just showing the level of greed we are at now.

sadraiden117d ago

Heck, the PS2 had a few games that supported 8 players if you had 2 multitaps. Now that everything is wireless, you can't sell all that extra plastic. Goodbye couch co op.

just_looken116d ago

Oh yeah i remember that man what a beast of a console the ps2 was.

VincentVanBro117d ago

So the writer is an idiot consumer that has buyer's remorse after failing to do even the most minimal research. Got it.

rippermcrip117d ago

Is it normal that PC games allow local coop? Did Diablo 3 have that?

just_looken117d ago

Yes and yes well years ago anyhow

Running the game 2 times or just having local coop was normal but now drm/devs stops all of that

rippermcrip117d ago

D3 did not allow local coop on PC with a single copy of game.

just_looken117d ago

Yes with one copy so you run it 2 times 2 screens then connect to each other.

rippermcrip117d ago

Bro you're making stuff up. To play on PC you have to login with a B.Net account. You'd have to use 2 different accounts which each would need a paid license.

just_looken117d ago

Your to young to remember dvd/cd drive installs with exe cracks.

rippermcrip116d ago

I'm not too young. You're full of it. That did not exist with D3.

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anast117d ago

Don't cry Diablo 4 is a 10 and possible GOTY...people deserve this at this point.

sadraiden117d ago

Irrelevant to their grievance. Couch co-op is a sorely missed feature in gaming. People deserve what exactly? People deserve to miss out on features because they fork their money over to Blizz? I don't disagree.

anast117d ago

Way too many questions for a simple statement. I'll let you have it.


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LordoftheCritics11d ago

Exhausting game.

There is zero drive to do anything in the game.

Slappy McGee9d ago

Especially after you beat it. The seasons are just not fun and neither is grinding to level up since everything levels with you.

Sonic188110d ago

I went from liking this game to hating it. Diablo Immoral 2.0

Gardenia9d ago

That's what battle pass and seasons do to a game. They control how much you can play, how fast you should level and what you can win for free.

northpaws9d ago

I am starting to believe Xbox is cursed at this point... everything they touched slowly become shit, not saying it is their responsibility as I know they don't have involvement on some of these games, just crazy how they are almost impossible to put out a decent games as long as the publishers/studios are owned by them, unlucky I guess.

bradfh9d ago

Activision, not Xbox, is responsible for disappointing games like Diablo, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, which often suffer from endless grinding and changes that make them less enjoyable.

Kosic9d ago

Xbox does not own D4, so I am unsure how they can be at fault for this game...