The Day Before Gets New Short Trailer and Screenshots

Developer Fntastic has revealed a new The Day before trailer and a bunch of screenshots featuring one of the game's vehicles.

tagzskie108d ago

I have a feeling this game is just like WAR Z in early days and it sucks, worst 30$ of my life. Were just craving for arma mod a.k.a DAY Z so we buy WAR Z.


The Day Before Looks Like It Could Be Changing Its Name Due To Its Trademark Issues

A new Trademark has been filed by Fntastic.

TOTSUKO22d ago

“The Day Before Yesterday”

jznrpg22d ago

The Day before the day before

Stuart575620d ago

Not tomorrow, one day backwards


Fntastic Talks The Day Before’s Gameplay Vision, Studio Culture, And The Trademark Dispute

The Day Before Dev Says Game Will First Release On PC; Steam Return Also Imminent.

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The Day Before beta announced, as dev vows game will return to Steam

The Day Before beta has been announced, letting players test the survival game before launch later this year, as Fntastic promises to bring it back to Steam.

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